Law Firm Goes Green and Helps Clients put down Future Roots


An Oldham Law firm is looking to make a huge environmental impact, as well as provide clients with a nice moving in gift at the same time.

Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers this week launch their ‘Planting Roots for the Future Campaign’. As part of the scheme, on completion of every house purchase the North West based firm will deliver an appropriate tree to the homeowner. If they do not want a tree or have no room in their garden then the firm will plant one in designated open countryside, in parks and at schools.

The first tree in the scheme has been delivered to homeowner Andrew Shepherd of Greenfield, who moved into a new property recently. An oak tree was delivered and he plans to plant it out in his sunny back garden.

The planting roots campaign is the brainchild of Victoria Marshall, Head of Conveyancing at Pearson. She wanted to help the firm reduce their environmental impact and do something special for clients at the same time.

“I just thought of all my clients, families and individuals putting down roots when they move into a new home and wanted to do something to recognise that monumental moment and saving the planet is a bonus!!!”

said Victoria.

A local supplier is being used and the trees being delivered are Rowan, Apple, Birch, Field Maple, Oak and Hornbeam.

They are all British native trees grown from seed with a mix of sizes so different sizes of garden can be accommodated.

Oldham has declared Climate Emergency and as part of that a commitment has been given to increase tree cover from 11.9% to 15% in a generation – this could mean planting up to 100,000 new trees so this initiative is very important as it targets those private gardens that are an important and underused resource for tree planting.

“Being out and about in woodlands is so good for us all, trees really do help our well being and as a young mum with children I know how lovely it is to be out walking in nature with my family. Just having a tree in the garden attracts wildlife and improves our mental and physical health,”

added Victoria.

Trees are essential to our ecosystem. They’re often referred to as the ‘lungs’ of the Earth because they’re able to store and sequester carbon and produce additional oxygen for our planet. Trees also stabilise the soil and can reduce air temperature and humidity, as well as reducing flooding and improving water and air quality.

“It’s important we don’t take nature for granted and the Pearson roots for the future campaign creates a legacy for future generations,”

added Victoria.

Planting a tree like this contributes to reducing emissions in the local area, as one tree could remove 1 tonne of CO2 from our air over its lifetime.

Commenting on the scheme the first recipient, Andrew said:

“It was lovely to get this moving in surprise from Pearson Solicitors and I’m impressed that they are taking time to consider environmental issues.

“Victoria and the team were great with my house move as you would expect from a good firm of solicitors, what I did not expect was the added bonus of a green gift. I am looking forward to some green shoots next summer, perhaps a nesting box as it get bigger and relaxing with a book and a glass of wine under the branches as it gets bigger.”