Worcestershire Tech Firm Wins Apprenticeship Funding From Local Council


With the current cost of university fees and the hefty debts incurred as a result, more and more students are opting for apprenticeships so that they can combine valuable training alongside their studies.

MHDC (Malvern Hills District Council) encourages trainers to take on individuals in different areas of trade and for the first time, have chosen to support Payara Services Ltd with their apprenticeship programme. The chosen candidates have a rare opportunity to join the international team of 27 and will be exposed to all aspects of the business, potentially securing a permanent position afterwards.

Christine Butler of MHDC explained why they have chosen to support this particular firm:

“Payara ticks all the boxes that we look for in a trainer. We haven’t worked with them before, but the company has an approach and an energy that allows them to engage effectively with the apprentices and we are very confident that they will be given excellent training and support.

To qualify for funding, the apprentices must live locally, and the business has to be a small enterprise. MHDC provides £1,000 per apprentice and we only allow two per company. We hope that after the 4.5 years of training and study, the apprentices will stay in the area. We follow their progress and check in on them after six months to ensure they are enjoying themselves!”

Currently enrolled on the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship at Aston University, 19-year-old students Cuba Stanley and Alan Roth are completing their first year of the programme at Payara.

The two apprentices previously attended Hereford Sixth Form College and are from Malvern and Hereford originally, boasting local ties to the fast-growing SME.

Cuba says,

“Although it’s been a steep learning curve, the valuable experience I’ve gained has determined this is the right career for me. It’s hard to get experience in this field, but I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the top people in the industry.”

Alan added,

“Working full time alongside completing uni work is hard, so be certain it’s what you want to do. If you enjoy it, it’s so rewarding, but you have to be dedicated. Payara made it easy for Cuba and I to settle in, offering us help, priceless experience and ultimately increasing our chances of employment.”

Both apprentices are definitely enjoying earning money whilst studying, but also warn that this shouldn't be the motivating reason to enter into a demanding apprenticeship.

Julia Millidge, HR Manager at Payara, added,

“We are dedicated to shaping the future of the tech industry and we recognised that there was a skills gap, so we made it our priority to create, train and nurture a number of highly skilled top rate programmers. To win the support of the MHDC for two apprentices has validated our training programme and given us two fantastic and talented young men through the apprenticeship scheme.”

Now gaining the recognition they deserve; apprenticeships are an alternative way to work towards a degree, incorporating a chunk of “real life” experience. Depending on the sector an individual is hoping to enter, apprenticeships can often be a more fitting path.

Having proved successful within its Malvern Science Park HQ, Payara is now mimicking this business model in their Madeira office.

For more information, visit: https://www.payara.fish