Signing Success for Abbey Manchester Students


Students from Abbey College Manchester have successfully completed an intensive course in British Sign Language (BSL).

Determined students from the City Centre-based college embarked on a ten-week programme, taught in partnership with Interpreting Solutions by Elaine Butterworth. This followed their desire to learn and experience what those living a silent life go through, while increasing awareness of Deaf People and their community.

The rigorous course covered a variety of topics that could be valuable to students in everyday conversations including; greetings, family, weather, food and drink, education, and hobbies and interests. In addition to being taught sign language, each session contained an interactive element such as a fingerspelling game, two-way conversations, friendly competitions, a Deaf Quiz and a test to assess receptive skills and understanding while building the students confidence in British Sign Language.

Through learning British Sign Language, the students will also gain additional skills as they aspire to secure places on the most competitive degree courses at top universities.

Principal at Abbey College Manchester Liz Elam, commented,

“British Sign Language (BSL) is now recognised as an official language, however many BSL users do not have full access to information and services, including education, health and employment. We are delighted that we have been able to provide our students with the invaluable opportunity to learn sign language, and further support an inclusive environment within our college and wider community.”