New Job Ready initiative is launched


Birmingham-based distance learning provider, Oxbridge, has partnered with some of the country’s leading recruitment experts to revolutionise the job-hunting experience for thousands of people.

Oxbridge, in partnership with Pertemps, Gleeson, and Hinterview, has launched a range of exciting initiatives to help those, who want to increase their chances in the job market. They have created a microsite at which takes a holistic approach to each person, providing them with the tools they need to secure their next job, while giving advice on a range of issues, from mental health and wellbeing to planning their day and setting goals.

The site has a free Job Ready Pack short course, which contains essential tips, advice, and practical exercises for job seekers. Oxbridge has also established a £100,000 fund, which will go towards covering 20% of the course fees of anyone looking to upskill or retrain by enrolling on one of their 250+ professional, accredited courses.

Oxbridge founder, Matt Jones, explains:

“With the coronavirus crisis mounting, we feel it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to help people. Entire industries have been hit really hard, and there are thousands of people looking to retrain in a different profession – this includes those on the extended furlough scheme who are worried about job security. If they have a dream, we want to make it a reality.”

The Job Ready Pack is a free, comprehensive course covering three main areas: dealing with redundancy, CV writing, and interview skills. Enrollees will be taken through practical guidance on exactly how to deal with their situation, what support they’re entitled to, and how to take care of their mental health during the tricky transition period. The course tackles the dos and don’ts of virtual interviewing along with CV advice and a free CV critique from Gleeson Recruitment Group. The short course also includes a thorough rundown of psychometric testing, with practice tests so that job seekers can assess their skills.

“Now is the time for people to gain new qualifications, or increase their skill set, to ensure they have a secure future,”

said Matt.
“Thanks to our Job Ready initiatives, we can be with people every step of the way to help them achieve their career goals. We want job seekers to know that they aren’t alone anymore when it comes to gaining the skills and confidence they need to take that next step.”

Recruitment specialists Pertemps has more than 200 branches nationwide, and has worked closely with Oxbridge on the project. Director of permanent recruitment, Helen Hibbert, said the Job Ready initiatives will help people stand out from the crowd. She explained:

“The microsite isn’t just for those seeking work, it’s also for those that are worried about their job, or that have decided they want a change of direction. It’s great for us to be able to support candidates and signpost them to the Job Ready initiatives, which offers relevant advice and guidance.”

Hinterview is a video technology provider that works alongside a number of recruitment teams, including those at Pertemps. Harriet Holyfield, enterprise customer success manager at Hinterview, said:

“A lot of the interview process is being done remotely and people are having to get used to this new way of working. Through the Job Ready Pack, we can offer people advice and tips on how to ace their video interview.”

Among the advice found on the dedicated microsite will be details of some of the best recession-proof careers to retrain in, such as childcare and counselling, with step-by-step guidance for those with no prior experience. Jemini Dalal, marketing manager at Gleeson Recruitment Group, said:

“We have seen some sectors doing really well. In the current climate, the Job Ready microsite is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for work. It will allow us to help job seekers as much as we can, and point them in the right direction towards a secure and successful future.”

For the Job Ready microsite go to