Manchester Students Sign Up For A Military Career


A new college is set to open in Manchester, to help prepare young people for careers in the military.

The Military Preparation College officially opens on 1 August at the Army Reserve Centre, Oldham Road, Failsworth and its aim is to support 16-19 year-olds in their ambition to join the Armed Forces.

Applicants from across the North West are already signing up for a range of courses at the new College, which brings the total number of Military Preparation Colleges (MPCs) across the UK to 28.

Run by instructors who have served or are serving as Reserves in the British Armed Forces, the College’s courses help youngsters develop their fitness and achieve qualifications and skills for future employment.

So far, MPCs have prepared more than 3000 people aged between 16 and 19 for a military career and helped at least a further 12,000 into other areas of employment and training.

They have proved so successful that they will now be involved in a cross-Government summit to examine how the Army can work with communities to stamp out gang culture by taking youngsters off the streets.

Speaking at a central London conference, former Secretary of State for Defence Penny Mordaunt said she was struck by how the colleges “enthused those who other education establishments fail to inspire.

“They have encouraged study and physical fitness, self-confidence and self-worth: a sense of duty and service,”

she said, adding that
“the proposed summit would connect Military Preparation Colleges with groups working to divert young people away from gangs and violence.”

Military Preparation Colleges are run by Government-funded training provider MPCT and young people can start when they like and leave when they are fully prepared for whatever career they have chosen.

Huw Lewis, managing director of MPCT, is delighted with the response to the new Manchester facility.

“We have a proven and outstanding success rate in gaining our students entry to the forces,” he said, “and the skills we give them equip them not just for military careers, but equip them to be work ready in whichever career path they take.”

To find out more about the Military Preparation Colleges, prospective students and parents and guardians can visit or call 0330 111 3939.