Local Candidates Support College Cross-Party Hustings Event


On Thursday, 27th June, Halesowen College played host to a Cross-Party Hustings event, welcoming local parliamentary candidates from political parties to discuss key issues with staff and students.

Party members from across the political spectrum shared their party’s policies on pressing topics such as, the NHS, educational reform and FE funding, local skills challenges and net-zero strategy.

Those in attendance included James Morris from the Conservative party, Alex Ballinger from Labour, Ryan Priest from the Liberal Democrats, Claire McIlvenna from the Green Party, and Jonathon Oakton from Reform UK.

The Hustings event showcased the importance of engaging with political parties and having meaningful discussions about the future of our country. It also offered an invaluable opportunity for those in attendance to hear directly from the parties about their policies and plans for addressing these crucial issues.

For college students, it served as a platform to gain a better understanding of each party’s policies and make informed decisions ahead of the upcoming General Election. This event highlights the importance of political engagement and democratic participation among young people.

Jacquie Carman, Principal and Chief Executive of Halesowen College, expressed her gratitude to the party representatives for taking the time to engage with the college community.

"It is a privilege to live in a democratic society where we have the opportunity to vote. Today, staff and students were able to get answers to valid questions around some key issues that are important to them, but also as a society."

For more information, please contact Halesowen College at 0121 602 7777.