Government extends cash incentives for hiring an apprentice until March 2021


In November 2020, the government announced an invaluable extension to the incentive scheme for businesses hiring apprentices. This is in a bid to support employers after what has been a challenging year, and to increase the uptake of promising new talent to boost success in 2021.


Professional Academy, a leading provider of Sales, Marketing, and Management apprenticeships, were delighted to hear the news. With many businesses hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, apprentices will be a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a skilled, qualified workforce in 2021.


Wendy Spaxman, apprenticeship adviser at Professional Academy, welcomed the extension:

“This is amazing news for all employers, especially those who have had to make tough decisions during the pandemic. They can now look to the future and developing new talent to help their business grow/bounce back in 2021. It is also fantastic for those businesses who have adapted during the pandemic as it will allow them to invest in growing sales & marketing teams and training them with a nationally recognised and fully funded apprenticeship.”


The incentive scheme was originally announced in August 2020 and was set to expire in January 2021. Every business that hires an apprentice or enrols an existing employee onto a programme before March 2021 will now receive a payment of between £1,500 and £3,000 (dependant on the apprentice’s age).


Apprenticeships, which are already fully or part funded by the government, are an excellent way for businesses to tailor workforce skills to their specific needs. They are a cost-effective solution which provides opportunities and accredited training to the next generation of talent. This in turn heightens business productivity, growth, and all-round success.  


The new deadline will allow businesses to make the most of an optimum hiring window at the start of the year. It’s a key motivator to boost what will be a more positive year for businesses and the beginning of an important economic recovery.   


Professional Academy provide apprenticeships in Sales, Marketing and Management. They cater to all levels of experience as well as to existing employees and new hires. If you are interested in an apprentice for your business, please get in touch to see how they can help.


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