125 apprentices in 125 days


There is no better time to take on an apprentice and Strode College is supporting businesses to take advantage of increased government funding that is available for a limited time. So Strode College has set an ambitious target of achieving 125 apprenticeship pledges in just 125 days.

The UK Government is investing heavily in apprenticeships. New Government incentives mean that businesses investing in new apprentices will be eligible for up to £4000 in funding for each new apprentice they take on.

To support this, Strode College in Street are launching this 125 Apprentices in 125 days campaign to encourage businesses to take advantage of the opportunities and the extra funding offered. Starting from 1 April 2021, Strode will be offering all eligible businesses a free training needs analysis of their business to help and support them to increase their workforce skills and quick recovery after lockdown.

Following the training needs analysis, any businesses pledging to take on a new apprentice will have their logos featured in the dedicated ‘125 in 125’ section of the website, be featured predominantly in the social media campaign and have other publicity through press releases, case studies and video. 

David Byford Director of Employer Engagement, said

‘with additional funding of up to £4000 being supplied by the government, there’s no better time for businesses to consider apprenticeships as a way bringing new talent into your business and helping you develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. We’re appealing to organisations across the region to pledge and support this exciting mission to create 125 local jobs’

For more information and if you would like to be considered for a training needs analysis please visit Strode College website www.strode-college.ac.uk/for-business/pledge-for-new-apprenticeship-pl/ or call Murray Scott - Business Development Manager - 01458 844 508 / 07825 922 233 or Suzie Drew - Employer Engagement Representative - 01458 844 419 / 07967 773 707.