Cosgrove & Drew Engineering Give Support to the FranklinButt Foundation


Zac Cosgrove and Luke Drew of Cosgrove & Drew Engineering are pleased to support a local foundation that is close to their hearts. Created by Simon Strachan and Dean Horseman, the FranklinButt Foundation's mission is to provide disadvantaged youngsters with empowering opportunities, where they feel safe, valued and inspired to achieve their full potential.

Simon and Dean set up the foundation after the tragic loss of close friends Jason Franklin and Darren Butt,

“At the end of 2019 and the early part of 2020 our community and close-knit friend circle lost 2 very big characters that has left a big hole in their families lives both having children and partners and a considerable emotional hole in our friendship groups as they were both very much respected and everyone enjoyed their company and loved by all.

We were all hurting from this double tragedy, and then we got hit with Covid lock down in March 2020.

During lock down we it became apparent to me that both sets of friends and family wanted to raise money and keep their legacies alive to try and help our community.

So I decided to start the FranklinButt Foundation and created a Just Giving page to kick it off.

With full family and friends support, the Just Giving page raised £700 which helped me set up the Foundation properly and start to raise money to help the community.”

In June 2020, the foundation organised a family day to celebrate their lives and put in place the special unique bench bought for both Jason and Darren that is in place outside the Patchway Sports and Social club where they were both prominent members with their involvement in Patchway Town Football Club.

Then with the support and organisation skills of Dean Horseman and Hallen Football Club, a football tournament was held at the end of August.

“The plan was always to support young people in our community and since the high profile no kid should go hungry by Marcus Rashford we have now linked up with food banks, kids clubs, local charities and council with the foundation donating food, donating money and presents for kids at Christmas so that kids with no support and love at Christmas will at least get food and a gift including a selection box each. We have also donated £500 to the new MUGA for junior football equipment”

Zac Cosgrove and Luke Drew are both grateful for the opportunity to support local children through the foundation.

“We will be supporting the foundation as Luke and I both played football with the guys that passed away, Darren & Jason. We believe strongly in the foundation's aims and goals to help the local community and children through sports and are looking forward to being able to do more to help in 2021.”

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