Barburrito Superheros Raise £30,000 To Support Young People With Cancer


Barburrito staff and customers across the country have helped raise more than £30,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust since the partnership started three years ago. Their last event saw staff dressing up as superheros at each of their stores which will go towards life changing care and support for young people in the UK.

Barburrito employees have run, skydived, held burrito parties and facilitated vital peer support activities allowing young people with cancer to come together and feel less isolated.

Vanessa Simmons, Head of Regional Fundraising West for Teenage Cancer Trust said,

“We're completely thrilled by this outstanding achievement – to reach such an incredible total is a real testament to the ongoing passion and commitment of Barburrito colleagues, and customers.

"We simply can't thank you enough for all your support. Currently, for every young person we can help, there's another we can't. We have a big task ahead of us over the next 5 years to ensure no young person, or their family, faces cancer alone. However, with the unwavering support of partners like this we know we will be one step closer to achieving our goal."

Barburrito CEO, Morgan Davies said,

“I am personally delighted that we have been able to raise over £30,000 in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. It is a fantastic charity providing real, tangible support to young people who really need it. It is close to my heart and we look forward to breaking further funding milestones over the coming year."

Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for the seven young people aged 13 to 24 diagnosed with cancer every day. The charity funds and builds specialist units in NHS hospitals and provides dedicated staff, bringing young people together so they can be treated by teenage cancer experts in the best place for them.

Traditionally treated alongside children or elderly patients at the end of their lives, young people can feel extremely isolated, some never meeting another young person with cancer. Being treated alongside others their own age can make a huge difference to their whole experience. Teenage Cancer Trust wants every young person with cancer to have access to this specialist support, no matter where they live.

Teenage Cancer Trust also educates young people and health professionals about cancer to help improve the speed and quality of diagnosis. Cancer in young people is rare but Teenage Cancer Trust wants young people to know the common signs so they can seek medical advice if they are worried.

To help transform the lives of young people with cancer visit