978 Bridging Charitable Activity for 2020


Simon Das - MD of 978 Bridging has always held charity and community close to his heart having worked in the voluntary sector for many years. Now is the time to bring that ethos formally into the growing firm.

Going forward, as business completes with 978 Bridging, the company will give back to charitable causes around the world. To celebrate the launch of this new initiative, Simon Das Managing Director of 978 Bridging asked his team to choose projects across the globe to support with nine hundred and seventy eight donations each. Simon chose to give Medical Support to children in India for 978 days. This covers a child’s medical expenses (inclusive of medical check-up, treatment, and follow up). Nikki the Operations Manager, has chosen to give 978 Bicycles to Promote Education to children in Cambodia. This will provide a bicycle to 978 disadvantaged students as a means of transportation to address sustainable education. Hammad the Case Manager, has chosen to give Clean Water to a School in Zambia for 978 days. This will provide borehole and hand pump for vulnerable children and orphans at a school of 1,000 pupils in rural Zambia, bringing clean water and good sanitation practices to improve health and well-being, and benefitting the wider community of over 4000 people for nearly 3 years! Clients will be involved two and will be asked what causes they think are worthy for future donations.

978 Bridging has also booked a company Charity Sky Dive to take place on 12th April 2020 which will support solely local charities. Simon has chosen to raise funds ‘More Music’ a charity which has been running from one of the more deprived areas of Morecambe for over 25 years and is on a mission to ‘build confidence and spirit in individuals and communities through creative arts activities, particularly music’. Nikki has chosen to raise funds for Team Reece – Children’s Brain Tumour and Cancer Charity. Reece is a 13yr old boy from Morecambe who fought terminal Brain Cancer and is the inspiration and founder of Team Reece. Hammad has chosen to raise funds for Intact a local charity in his community that provides support and advice for young people and adults.

Simon said

“I’ve been working in the voluntary and charity sectors for nearly 20 years and it is a great pleasure to be able to start making this a more formal part of our business activities. There is great buy in from the team, so much so that they are willing to jump out of a plane for our first big event!”

To find out more about 978 Bridging’s Charitable activity visit their website at www.978bridging.com