West Midlands 'Open House' addresses the changing times of the automotive sector


The changing times of the automotive industry’s was the main focus of discussion recently when In-Comm Training and Manufacturing Group (TMG) hosted its latest ‘Open House’.

James Grainger, Executive Director of Grainger & Worrall and Vice Chair of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), explored how the sector has evolved over the last thirty years in front of more than 50 industry delegates at the Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology (MCMT).

He outlined what companies in the supply chain will need to be aware of in the run-up to Brexit and how they can work closer together to make sure the UK stays at the forefront of new materials and powertrain solutions.

There were also sections on the new technology that is coming through the ranks and how speed to market - when prototyping - is becoming increasingly important.