Tamworth could get its first public electric vehicle charge point


Tamworth town centre could be on the way to getting its first public access electric vehicle charge point as part of new plans being considered by the council.

Electric vehicle infrastructure was one of the points raised as part of the ongoing Tamworth…What’s Next? consultation which asks residents, businesses and visitors for their views and ideas on the shaping of a new vision for Tamworth town centre. Providing access to electric vehicle charge points was suggested as a key element of future proofing a town centre that is fit for 21st century visitors and shoppers.

A special working group, set up as part of the Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Committee, has been researching the rise in sales of electric vehicles, as well as technological advances in charge point technology and developments in Government legislation.

Following a meeting this week, members of the cross-party Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Committee approved a series of recommendations which will be now be put forward to Cabinet for consideration in the near future.

If approved by Cabinet, it would see plans being progressed to install an electric vehicle charge point in a council-run car park in the interim, while a more in-depth infrastructure strategy is developed in the longer-term.

This could include identifying suitable sites for electric vehicle chargers, exploring funding opportunities towards the cost of infrastructure and developing an action plan for delivery.

Chairman of the Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Simon Goodall, said:

“As a council we are always looking at ways to promote the economic growth and prosperity of the town.

“We considered electric vehicle charging points a few years ago, but at that time it was felt it was too soon to commit to technology and infrastructure that was very much in its infancy.

“However, things have moved on since then, and promoting a shift to electric vehicles is very high on the Government agenda – the Road to Zero Strategy includes the goal that the production of all new diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2040.

“Technology has moved on, as has the take up of plug in or hybrid vehicles, with record sales in 2018. This, combined with the fact that Tamworth’s residents, visitors and businesses have indicated they feel electric vehicle infrastructure is an important part of the town centre offer, means we feel this is the right time to progress these plans.

“We’ve done the research and are now suggesting to Cabinet that we take the next steps towards installing our first electric vehicle charging point and improving this infrastructure across the town.”

For more information about the ongoing Tamworth…What’s Next? campaign, please visit www.tamworth.gov.uk/tamworth-whats-next.