RVM launches new Grey Fleet Driver App


In recognition of the issues involved in gathering, testing and rectifying non-standard Grey Fleet data, Leeds-based RVM has announced the launch of a Driver App that makes the whole process quicker and easier.

“Nowadays, Drivers are more comfortable with digital solutions relating to fleet matters”
says the MD of RVM, Paul Rose.
“Our exciting new Driver App not only assigns a Personal Risk Coach to each enrolled driver but also allows uploads of images and access to key documents. So drivers are always aware of the risk they pose”.

There are many existing offers of a Grey Fleet solution in the marketplace, however, notwithstanding the App, the RVM proposition differs in terms of the level of proactivity that’s built in. For example, the scheme provides suitable Policies, issues them, gains driver signatures and enforces Policy-conditions.

Additionally, non-compliant data is identified, alerted and pre-agreed remedies are automatically applied.

This App makes the outsource decision much easier, especially with the support of our team of Personal Risk Coaches, which adds the personal touch. The compliance of Grey Fleet drivers is made much more visible through the App too. The built-in alerts are part of the technology and apply equally to all gathered Grey Fleet data so nothing can slip through unnoticed. Equally the remedies are automatically applied which saves time deciding what needs doing, by whom and by when.

The App is linked in real-time to the main RVM system and also to an operational team that provides the admin support required. That support is carefully calibrated to gain the driver’s trust in gathering sensitive data by explaining the employer’s legal compliance obligations in this area.

To arrange a demonstration of the App and learn more about the scheme, please call RVM on 0113 224 8800 or email info@rvmassist.co.uk