New Joint Venture to Maximise the Opportunities for Fleet Managers to Switch to Electric Vehicles


A new joint venture between leading fleet services company the IFC Group and electric vehicle (EV) consultancy AnnexusEV has got off to a flying start. Formed in the summer of 2021, and bringing combined experience of over 50 years in energy and fleet management, the JV is already being inundated with enquires from FTSE 100 and 250 companies eager to reduce their carbon footprint.

Paul Talbot, Chairman of the IFC Group explained the reason behind the new joint venture.

“We are seeing a rapid shift in the fleet vehicle market as electric cars and vans become more affordable and their range improves. The challenges presented by the switch to electric vehicles has fleet managers and drivers scratching their heads, as they seek to encourage staff to relinquish internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in exchange for electric. With the traditional internal combustion engine, there is a source of fuel every few miles and now, to make the switch to a greener fleet, they need to install charge points, not only at the office but also at employees’ homes. That implies more cost and stress – the exact opposite of what we want to offer our clients. That was why we formed this JV with AnnexusEV, who really understand the EV charging market and green energy market and can guide the process of switching with ease.”

CEO of AnnexusEV, Jonny Duggan, went on to explain,

“By joining forces with IFC, we are able to offer fleet managers a complete ecosystem as they transition to a reduced CO2 fleet. We can support them to find the best vehicles, install charging points at the office and at employees’ homes and consult around electrical availability where needed. There is no point, however, in moving to a green fleet if the electricity supply powering these vehicles is coming from fossil fuels, so we also advise on the best green energy tariffs for both the company at all their premises and their staff members for their domestic supply. This further reduces the overall carbon footprint and also takes into account the change in usage EVs will present so possibly offers them savings. Through the JV we are able to give ongoing support for the fleet and even provide the greenhouse gas emissions reporting needed to demonstrate how the switch is making a difference.”

By joining up the dots, the joint venture between the two organisations can help businesses, the biggest buyers and users of passenger vehicles in the UK, so that they are able to maximise the carbon and cost saving opportunities of running electric vehicles.