New IONITY Site open in East Manchester: Ultra-fast EV charging at discounted rates


  • New ultra-fast electric vehicle charging site has opened in Gorton, East Manchester,M18 7WY just off the A57, next to a Holiday Inn, Pure Gym and McDonalds restaurant.

  • Subscribers of the IONITY PASSPORT tariff enjoy easy access via App and pay 0,56 GBP/kWh* only at a lowered monthly fee of 5,49 GBP* and flexible terms with a rolling month to month contract.

  • 12 high-power public chargers provide up to 350kW of 100% renewable green energy

IONITY, the leading high-power charging network in Europe open to all EV brands, has opened a new charging site in Manchester East. The new site is located off the A57 and serves commuters as well as long-distance travellers on their route to Manchester city centre and in reverse. They can top up their electric vehicles' batteries within minutes at the 12 high-power chargers (HPC) while enjoying the services offered by the nearby McDonalds restaurant, Pure Gym or Holiday Inn hotel.

Being a subscriber pays off: ultra-fast charging at discounted rates

Subscribers of the IONITY PASSPORT tariff pay 0,56 GBP/kWh* which is 0,18 GBP less compared to the IONITY Direct tariff** without subscription. The monthly fee has just been halved to 5,49 GBP and pays off after the first 31 kilowatt hours charged per month which corresponds to nearly 100 miles with an average consumption of 20 kWh/62miles.

Lower monthly fee applies to new customers as well as existing IONITY PASSPORT-subscribers from the next monthly invoice. Subscription can be ended at any time with a notice of one month.

Other payment options include NFC-based credit card payments, QR codes or RFID cards provided by a large variety of mobility service providers, as well as Plug & Charge.

IONITY currently operates 23 charging sites across the United Kingdom and plans to expand to over 70 charging sites by the end of the year. Charging with IONITY means 100% green energy from source to socket, which makes EV travel emission-free and truly carbon neutral, providing a positive contribution to the overall goal of decarbonisation across the UK and Europe.

IONITY's Country Manager of UK and Ireland, Andreas Atkins commented:

"Our goal has always been to build a comprehensive charging infrastructure throughout the UK and Europe, enabling a quick and seamless EV charging experience. The conveniently located site in East Manchester will help those looking to get to the city centre and beyond. We have been welcoming customers since opening at the start of the year who can charge whilst enjoying a bite to eat or taking advantage of the local amenities."

Site location:

Manchester East

Wall Way


North West

M18 7WY

* All prices include local VAT and other price components.

** The valid IONITY DIRECT tariff depends on the location where the vehicle is charged. IONITY reserves the right to change the IONITY DIRECT tariff.