GPSLive Fleet: Fleet Management System Has Been Launched


Rewire Security, one of the UK’s leading Real-time GPS Tracking Service Providers has announced the release of their fleet management software, GPSLive Fleet.

Making fleet management easier

GPSLive Fleet allows small businesses with 5 vehicles up to large fleets with 5,000 vehicles to manage their fleet on the digital platform using a PC or a mobile device.

Using GPSLive Fleet, managers can easily view the real-time location of their vehicles as well as the routes used by a vehicle for up to 90 days, manage fuel usage and work hours, create administrative reports and in the case of theft or other security concerns, GPSLive Fleet can help immobilise a vehicle remotely.

Bristol-based Rewire Security aims to make fleet managers’ life easier with their newest fleet tracking solution, offering their customers Rewire Security’s high-quality GPS vehicle tracking devices coupled with GPSLive Fleet software.

Convenience and efficiency

GPSLive Fleet makes it more convenient for businesses to monitor and manage all aspects of their vehicle fleets through the use of the new web-based cloud software or the mobile app.

The new software makes it easier for fleet managers to identify issues, schedule maintenance and optimise fuel usage to improve the efficiency of their fleet.

Driver behaviour

In addition to vehicle telematics, GPSLive Fleet allows insight into driver behavior.

Using driver identification and driver behavior reports, supervisors can now identify the drivers exhibiting inappropriate behavior and take necessary actions.

Rewire Security offers fleets; high-quality telematics devices and mapping services that prepare businesses for the future while making their working lives easier.

Advanced innovation

According to Ekim Saribardak, Rewire Security’s Marketing Manager;

“In today’s competitive world, businesses always need an edge to beat their competitors. Following the latest trends, all businesses are in a race to adapt to the digital world to improve their services.

“GPS is one the most advanced innovations in the digital era and any business with a vehicle fleet should be using this technology to be aware of their drivers' location at any given time.

“Fleet management systems help businesses to reduce fuel usage, view their drivers’ performance as well as improve delivery times and customer satisfaction.

“Rewire Security’s Fleet Management solutions include high-quality hardware, reliable software and tech support to ensure their customers have all the information related to their vehicles at the tip of their fingers, 24/7.”

Full control

Rewire Security offers a wide range of vehicle tracking devices with advanced features, all compatible with GPSLive fleet.

GPSLive Fleet is a reliable and cost-effective fleet management solution for fleet managers who want to take the full control of their mobile workforce into their hands.

Not only will GPSLive Fleet allow managers to identify issues and take action quickly, but it will also reduce management workload and improve overall profitability.

GPSLive Fleet cloud based tracking software is all a business or an organisation needs to keep track of their vehicles, monitor all aspects of their fleet and manage their workforce efficiently and effortlessly.

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