Figaro here - and now Figaro is over there too!


Eye-catching Retro runabout the Nissan Figaro is possibly the last car you would expect to prove a hit in the United States.

But the 25 year-old design is becoming increasingly popular now it can pass stringent US import rules.

Adam Limerick of Avonmouth-based Autoshippers said:

“With a reputation for running Highway-hogging Muscle Cars, motorists in the States are going against type – and taking the pastel paintwork Figaros to their hearts.”

The pocket convertible is being exported in increasing numbers to enthusiasts in America and Adam Limerick is expecting the trend to continue through 2018.

He said:

“Now the Figaro has come of age we’re shipping two or three of them out every month.

People can pick them up dirt cheap out there – and the fact so few of them are on the road makes them a real head-turner!”

Originally released in 1991, the Nissan Figaro is popular among retro car enthusiasts, sellers and collectors in the States.

“Nissan built just 20,000 of them which is perhaps why they came with leather seats, air conditioning, CD player and a fixed-profile slide-back open roof. The high spec means the Figaro is in great demand as an export vehicle alongside the ever popular Land Rover.”

Adam Limerick said Autoshippers has doubled the number of cars it ships overseas – with Nissan Figaros and the ever-popular Land Rover Defenders amongst the most frequently carried.

“We have five to six customers in the States who are currently shipping older models out there. They like to bling them up creating instant classics.”

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