evec launches rapid 40kW DC charger for business


Leading EV charger supplier, evec, has created a new rapid-charging DC model, aimed at businesses, universities, retail outlets and other public locations.

The 40kW vecBOLT can increase the power in a car by 80% in as little as an hour. It is ideal for use by customers or clients who may be parked at a business for a quick meeting, say, or a meal,

A customer’s ability to charge their EV is an excellent way of increasing footfall to a shop, garden centre or restaurant as well as increasing dwell time. The addition of a Payter payment terminal can also create a passive income stream for any type of business. Installing a vecBOLT will contribute to an organisation’s sustainability efforts and can be a tremendous cost-saving perk for commuting employees. It may even increase the value of a building or estate.

evec has installed four of the chargers at its headquarters on Coronet Way, Salford. They are open to staff and public use – see here. The government hopes to have 300,000 public chargers in the UK by 2030, so evec wants to demonstrate to organisations the ease with which they can be operated and maintained.

“If we are to meet ambitious-but-vital goals for improving EV charging accessibility, everyone from major corporate buildings to local town centres need to play their part,”

says evec managing director, Tom Bloor.

“The vecBOLT is an affordable, easy-to-use model that will allow them to do just that.”