Bristol residents splurge on sports cars and 4x4s over lockdown


Used car marketplace proves itself resilient, according to latest data

The UK’s largest used car retailer, CarShop, which has a store on Bolingbroke Way in Bristol, has revealed the results of its latest consumer buying trends survey. This collects sales data from June 1st to August 31st 2020, following the business’ closure between March and April due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The data shows that the number of used sports cars bought during these three months across England and Wales has skyrocketed compared to the same period last year - with an overall increase of a staggering 82%.

The motoring experts at CarShop found that the South West, in particular, made up a considerable chunk of this total figure - having seen a year-on-year increase of 14% in sales. However, in a much more remarkable statistic, Bristol alone recorded a rise of 200%, with the most popular model being the Mercedes-Benz SLK.

Despite this surge in sports car sales, it seems Bristolians are still being smart with their money - with the average spend on sports cars in this area dropping by 6% compared to last year’s figures.

CarShop reported that the number of used 4x4 cars sold on a national scale has also seen a year-on-year increase, rising by 17%.

While the people of Bristol didn’t go quite as wild for these, more practical, vehicles compared to the sports cars, the sales figures still increased by a very substantial 160%. In the South West, which had the third highest 4x4 sales in the UK, and in Bristol, the most popular 4x4 model was the Ford Kuga. This was closely followed by the Kia Sportage - which was also the nation’s favourite.

Carl Jackson, Head of Business at CarShop Bristol, said:

“4x4s are usually the big hitter in the South West but the surge of sports car sales in Bristol doesn’t surprise me - in these distressing times, people are looking for something positive, fun and exciting to distract them from the current climate.”

Nigel Hurley, CEO of CarShop commented:

“The bounce-back for the used car marketplace in terms of the British public’s confidence has been hugely encouraging. As other forms of transportation, such as airlines, suffer in this ‘new normal’, it seems vehicle sales are performing to nearly the same level that they were last year - if not, better.”