Engineius goes climate neutral


Vehicle movement specialist Engineius takes a further positive step to reinforce its green credentials by carbon offsetting its business. Engineius has paid to offset its corporate carbon footprint with climate neutral expert, Climate Partner.

Calum Slowther, managing director at Engineius states:

“We are delighted to be approved as a climate neutral company.”

Engineius worked with Climate Partner to become a climate neutral company by calculating its CCF – Corporate Carbon Footprint. This includes emissions from sources such as energy and heating, business travel, office supplies and everything else produced in the operation of the company. This figure will be recalculated each year to monitor progress and identify additional areas for improvement.

Slowther continues:

“When we launched back in 2018 our vision was to make vehicle movement easy, transparent and as green as possible. The green element is imperative; it means taking ownership of firstly, the carbon output of our own business, and secondly the emissions created through the vehicle movement service we provide.”

Engineius is taking a twin-track approach - (1) set the business up operationally to avoid all emissions possible. and (2) offset the emissions that are not possible to avoid.

With Climate Partner, Engineius will be offsetting its unavoidable emissions by paying into high impact projects in the Global South. Our first beneficiary will be bamboo afforestation efforts in Nicaragua.

Bamboo is one of the most efficient biological tools for fighting climate change. The project contributes to mitigation by preventing deforestation and capturing CO2 as well as to adaptation by reducing temperatures, creating micro-climates, supporting a low-carbon economy and creating livelihoods for vulnerable communities.

Slowther added that COP 26 highlighted the urgency needed to address reducing our carbon footprint so carbon offsetting was essential for us to embrace.

How does afforestation help fight global warming? Although our carbon emissions are being created in the UK, forests are among the planet's most important carbon reservoirs. They also are home to an enormous diversity of species and are the livelihood for all people. However, global forest areas have declined sharply in recent decades due to increasing settlement, agricultural use, illegal logging and mining.

The afforestation of new or reforestation of degraded areas is an important contribution to increasing the biosphere's carbon storage capacity.

Slowther concludes:

“This is phase one of our climate neutral plan. Phase two is to work with our customers to carbon offset each vehicle movement made by Engineius. As well as delivering a quality service we will work with our fleet customers to ensure the day-to-day movement of vehicles within their fleet role supports their own business goals towards carbon neutrality.”

As well as the avoidance and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, offsetting is also a vital step in climate action. Without offsetting, the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Convention is not achievable at present - we do not yet have the necessary technologies to reduce all emissions drastically enough to meet this target. Investing in carbon offset projects also promotes sustainable development in the Southern hemisphere, so that economic progress is not dictated by investment in and use of fossil fuels.

By investing in this project, we also support the realisation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as the fight against poverty and/or the improvement of living conditions in emerging and developing countries.

About Engineius

Engineius is the leading vehicle movement service in the UK. The business was founded in 2018 on the belief that it should be as easy to book and manage vehicle movements as it is to buy from Amazon or ride with Uber.

Its bespoke technology enhances the end-user experience, allowing customers to track deliveries to their door across the UK via a network of over 500 fully trained drivers and agents managed fully in-house.

Engineius services leading clients across all fleet sectors including corporate fleets, SMR, rental, leasing, dealerships, remarketing and breakdown services.

For further details please contact Angela Truman at Engineius on 07813 159 354 or e-mail angela.truman@engineius.co.uk.