Why now is the ideal time to move your business to the cloud!

Business Insights

Cloud phone systems perfectly pair traditional features with futureproof technology, cementing the cloud as a vital communications solution for businesses as they enter 2021.

While cloud solutions were originally viewed as technology more focused towards larger organisations, they’re now commonplace in businesses big and small, and in all industries, thanks to their ease of use, seamless flexible working and cost saving opportunities.

With traditional phone systems becoming obsolete as a result of traditional phone lines being cut off in 2025, cloud phone systems are the perfect, and superior, alternative! Plus, they’re the perfect fit for now, and the future.

As a result of the current uncertainties that businesses are facing, moving to a new communications solution can be an overwhelming prospect, but not only will a switch to the cloud make flexible working that much easier, it will also save businesses in all industries money.

Enjoy endless flexibility with the cloud

The days of companies having their staff work in one, central location, is a thing of the past. Instead, not only is remote working seen as the norm, but so is having staff work from multiple locations, including on the road, and having staff enjoy a mix between remote and office working. It’s essential to have a communications solution in place that reflects this.

A cloud phone system ensures endless flexibility. With built-in softphone functionality that allows for calls to be made through your computer as well as many compatible plug and play handsets paired with the ability to access your phone system from anywhere, cloud phone systems were made for flexible working. With little to no hardware required, but with the ability to easily access your phone system from anywhere, cloud telephony retains all the essential phone system features such as call recording, computer integration and marketing on hold regardless of where you and your team are using it from. You can simply pick up your desk phone, plug it in at home and have full access to your phone system and its data.

Save money with the cloud

It’s understandable that budgetary confinements are one of the main aspects holding businesses back from switching up their communications during the current climate. But, one of the main benefits of a cloud phone system is that not only is it a sound investment that will boost your business’ bottom line, but it is much more cost effective than traditional solutions, meaning that you will save money.

While traditional phone systems leave you with fluctuating monthly bills and charges for every minute of a call, cloud phone systems offer fixed call charges with many being made for free over the internet plus, reduced line rental and less hardware costs.

Providing you have a stable broadband connection, your cloud phone system can be utilised using your existing technology such as your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Or, should you prefer to utilise desk phones, these often come at a much lower price than those within a traditional phone system meaning more features and flexibility for a lower cost!

Stay safe with the cloud

2020 has arguably been the year of upheaval with many businesses scrambling to put together short-term solutions to ensure that they can stay connected wherever they’re working from.

When it comes to data security, the transition to remote working was much smoother for those already utilising the cloud than it was for those with traditional phone systems. This is a result of businesses having to rely on an external disaster recovery plan whereas those businesses with a cloud solution were able to rely on built-in disaster recovery. This ensures that, not only is your data secure and available to your staff members but, you will have complete business continuity even if your main office is closed. So, should a disaster occur, you will be able to work as normal and have peace of mind thanks to your data being held in a dedicated external data centre.

Total control with the cloud

One of the stand-out benefits of a cloud phone system, is the simplicity of making changes. Now more than ever is a time where businesses’ staff numbers are fluctuating, and traditional telephony can be costly to add and remove users. This is not the case, with a cloud phone system as business owners are able to add and remover users themselves thanks to a user-friendly admin portal, without cost or any loss to time. Plus, you can make changes to your voicemail and auto attendant whenever you like.

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