Why More Companies Should Invest In Security Measures

Business Insights

Online businesses are becoming the new normal. Remote workers completing their work from the comfort of their home helps to save the business money by not having to rent a space. They use popular platforms to access and share data and information needed to keep the business operating.

With more companies choosing to operate remotely and relying heavily on online platforms, cybercrimes and attacks are common.

Cybercrime continues to be a prominent issue in today’s digital world. Each passing year there are more reports made about data breaches and cyberattacks. These attacks can have unfavourable consequences on a business. One impact businesses commonly face significant setbacks. Unfortunately for some, a cyberattack could result at the end of their business.

Stand Out From Competition

Being able to stand out from their competition is a goal many companies strive to achieve. Some companies choose to accomplish this by attempting to exceed their customers’ expectations. Others will achieve this through the services or products they offer. A few will choose to implement successful marketing campaigns that are memorable and appealing to a broader audience.

However, many companies use security measures to help them stand out from the competition. Consumers want to ensure that their information with a company will be protected. One way to achieve this is by implementing an information security management system (ISMS). The ISMS system enables the company to protect all of its assets from potential cyberattacks. A common way to get an ISO 27001 certification is through using ISO 27001 templates. Using ISO 27001 templates, like the ones High Table provides, can help a company implement safety measures into their business.

Increases Productivity

Experiencing a cyberattack affects more than just the loss of data or leaked information. The cyberattack also impacts the operations within a company. Productivity levels of the team will have a noticeable decline due to not accessing the company’s system networks. The inability to work puts a halt on a business, which prevents the team from completing work and generating sales.

Having security measures in place helps the company to avoid experiencing this issue. In some businesses, the cause of a cyberattack is due to employee errors. Companies should conduct training for new employees and refresher sessions for current employees to help ensure everyone is aware of a potential cybersecurity threat. It could be showing signs to be mindful of, emails to avoid and other cyberattack opportunities. Conducting these training sessions can help to reduce the chances of a cyberattack. The reduced risk means that productivity can continue and hopefully increase.

Compliance Requirements In Place

Cybersecurity continues to remain a prevalent issue for many modern businesses. As it continues to be factor companies have to consider, the awareness and importance surrounding data security and protection intensify. The government has put regulations to help ensure that consumer information is handled carefully and correctly.

Businesses that handle personal information, such as their consumers’ details, need to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act. The legislation requires that the company use the data provided by consumers for its intended purposes. Another aspect is that the company is protecting the information with the appropriate security measures.

All of the cybersecurity regulations that come into effect are designed for consumers. They are designed to keep them protected. These regulations also encourage businesses to look into ways to strengthen their current IT systems and highlight any areas of vulnerability that need to be resolved.