What things can businesses utilise cloud technologies for?

Business Insights

Running a successful business involves careful planning and plenty of hard work. It is also important to be able to access the right information to grow your business, and to forge the connections you need to drive long-term gains.

Another area that any savvy entrepreneur should spend time reflecting on is change in business. Cloud technology is a case in point and a hot topic cutting across all sectors. This is because it can improve efficiency, boost collaboration, facilitate effective home/remote working, and bring down IT costs.

While you might know this already, you might wonder how cloud tech can be brought into your own company in a practical way. But just what tasks can it be used for?


Keeping on top of your accounts is crucial for any business – not just for ensuring that you submit key returns to HMRC on time, but also for running payroll and keeping your company finances in order.

Cloud tech can help here, and cloud-based VAT software and MTD software from Sage are great examples of the efficiency and simplicity that cloud tech can bring to your business accounts. For more information on how software from Sage can help, and information on issues such as MTD, visit the company’s website today.

Project management

In the same way as some entrepreneurs now are wondering about investing in electric cars for business, you might be thinking about bringing cloud tech into your company. Effective project management is one reason to go down this route and something that cloud tech can help with. It is a real bonus here and many companies now use it to effectively manage projects.

Popular examples of this type of cloud platform include Asana and Trello. Easy to use, fully secure and available on any internet-connected device, they make it a lot simpler to keep tabs on where projects are up to. They are also great for facilitating home workers and ensuring good communication levels within a project team.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Another key thing that cloud tech can help with in business is CRM. There are some very powerful cloud packages such as Salesforce out there now that can transform how you interact with customers. The major benefit that cloud-based CRM software delivers is having one central place where anyone in your company can view a customer’s history.

This could be anyone from sales to marketing, customer service and beyond. It enables you to track a customer’s journey with you in an easy online way, and so you should find that your engagements with customers are a lot more productive.

Cloud tech is useful for a range of business tasks

As the above shows, cloud technology can be utilized across business in many ways. The great thing is that uses such as those above cut across industries and will be something that pretty much any firm can put into place. As the business world is an ever-changing place, it is vital to keep up with the latest developments and hottest trends.