The power of 5G video streaming

Business Insights

The 5G technology, or “the fifth generation” of cellular networks, is the next step in the evolution of many industries around the world.

Everyone hopes for the best from the 5G technology, especially given that the tech companies started deploying it since 2019.

One of the greatest expectations is about the speed. Actually, that is one big reason why everyone is excited about 5G. Having a much better speed will improve the response rate, which will go down to merely a millisecond. That is 50 times faster than for the 4G technology.

This kind of speed will be revolutionary for online experiences. It will bring greater bandwidth and much higher download speeds, of up to 10 Gb per second.

A speed like this will have a huge impact on the video streaming, which is used today for so many purposes.

For example, going live with your own streaming channel is a way to gain both popularity and money. If you have a decent Internet connection and a mobile device or a computer, you can live stream online. This can be done anytime and from anywhere, and there are many platforms to live video stream.

Then, the industry of video gaming, esports included, will benefit from the 5G video streaming and from the speed the new generation will bring. One thing we know is that esports are a hot trend in the world of entertainment right now, and 5G will improve the quality of the content, thus influencing customer satisfaction.

This industry experienced a massive growth in the past years, and today it is valued at billions of dollars, with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

The video games are fun and entertaining, and also very competitive, with teams competing against each other. There are also big tournaments with important money prizes. It has become a fun activity for those who play, and also for those who watch them online. The matches are video streamed on online game platforms.

Some of the most popular esports games so far are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends, or Fortnite, while some of the hottest rising esports games in 2021 are Dota 2 and Valorant.

Having such a big interest in online streamed games attracted players who also like to bet on them. And with a 5G connection, they will be in contact with the games played in real time.

But the esports games are not the only ones that can be watched online on video streaming platforms, but all sorts of sports games on which you can place a bet. The online betting industry will also benefit a lot from the 5G revolution, and the number of players who like to bet is increasing. If you want to learn how betting works, there are many guides, like the one on Unibet.

When it comes to the betting activity, in the United Kingdom, for example, 70% of placed bets are made after the match begins. What can be more satisfying than to watch your major event on your mobile device and place instant bets, thanks to the low latency and high bandwidth speed provided by 5G technology?

The 5G network will mean that you can enjoy video streaming from anywhere – from home, or while you are on vacation or travelling.

The 5G video streaming will also improve the streaming services that provide us with quality entertainment – be it Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or any other such online video platform. The new technology may lead to a switch from the traditional devices in this matter.

Then again, 5G will bring glitch-free YouTube videos, big data downloads in just a few seconds, and a huge boost for platforms like Twitch. Because the truth is video accounts for the biggest part of the Internet bandwidth used today.

Also, let’s not forget about the cloud-streaming services from Google and Microsoft, which also will rely on the power of 5G video streaming.

The conclusion is that the consumers are ranking video streaming as the activity most likely to increase thanks to the 5G technology. Then, video calling, social media, mobile gaming, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) follow in their preferences. The 4K videos on mobile devices represent another area in which the new technology will have a long-awaited impact.