How Bespoke Software can Drive Digital Transformation Success

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In 2020, 80% of businesses in 18 countries fast-tracked their digital transformation programmes as a result of the pandemic (Source: Dell). As workplaces adjust to the new normal, Clever Software Group have also seen a rise in companies wanting to bid farewell to their manual processes in favour of much smarter ones. Spreadsheets and paper files are no longer fit for purpose, not when digital systems can offer so much more.

Director of Clever Software Group, Andrew Matthews explores some of the top reasons why bespoke software can effectively digitalise your processes and offers guidance on how to get your digital transformation kick-started.

Understanding Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology by an organisation that aims to improve processes and increase revenue. By taking analogue business processes digital or by modernising your software systems, you are unlocking the power of technology to reframe your operating models and change the way you work, for the better.

According to IDG, 89% of organisations have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy. The race is on to go digital. Yet, doing it right is a whole other ball game. A common misconception is that digital transformation is simply a case of moving with the times or introducing new tools and tech into the workplace. When, actually, it’s a whole change in the way your business operates, modifying and creating new experiences, processes and culture.

With advances in next generation tech and the necessity to adapt to a post-Covid world, the race is on to go digital. So, it’s understandable that business leaders want to accelerate their digital quests. However, it’s really important to remember to set digital priorities; keep your eye on the prize.

Set Clear Digital Goals

Digital transformation is all about using the right tech to create and modify processes and experiences that are right for your business. Establishing the ‘why’ will ensure your digital approach is both focused and measurable. A fancy piece of tech will not magically fix processes without significant strategy driving the change.

To deliver real value, digital transformation must be driven by strategy. Defining your objectives is really important whether it’s increasing productivity, engaging employees, working more sustainably or enhancing your customer experience.

How Bespoke Software Can Help Achieve More:

    1. Achieve a high quality of process automation

    Custom built software is an advantageous way to begin your digital transformation journey and strengthen your market position. Software that is created specifically for your business will enable you to utilise powerful tech to innovate your processes.

    When bespoke software is built from the ground up, increasing operational efficiency and handing high-volume tasks is a key consideration. Top tech leaders are predicting that the successful implementation of hyperautomation will enable more companies to achieve operational excellence in a digital first world.

    2. Develop a unique digital experience for employees and customers

    Understanding digital behaviours and empowering employees to work in new ways is one of the leading drivers for digital transformation amongst businesses. A recent study by Deloitte found that those organisations who are responding effectively to technology developments in the workplace have a greater user focus. Bespoke software focuses on creating accessibility and agility for workers in and out of the physical office environment.

    3. Make smart data driven decisions with richer data capture

    Bespoke software can provide sophisticated management of data with built in reporting and analysis tools. Richer data capture, with everything from tracking purchasing to detecting trends in digital behaviour within a small timeframe is made possible with greater access to real time data. Having a system which efficiently captures, records and conveys your business data eliminates guesswork, can ensure that decisions are precise and measured.

    4. Protect your data with premium cloud security

    The security of business data outside of the traditional office space is often a concern for business owners, particularly with mission critical data. Modern software is built using the very best secure tech and hosted with reputable cloud providers who are compliant with high levels of security. With bespoke software developers, cyber-security standards are also high. Implementing multi factor authentication and highly secure encryption methods ensures the protection of passwords and sensitive information.

    5. Adopt a phased development approach

    Recent research reveals that 45% of companies don’t know where to start with digital transformation (Source: Celonis). Simplicity is key - we recommend focusing on one business function at a time. By keeping it simple and focusing on one business function at a time, results can be seen quicker, and pave the way for a suite of business apps. Gradual, incremental improvement can lower disruption and risk, build confidence in taking your systems over to the digital side and be achieved in rapid product cycles. Focus on doing it right the first time and you'll be much better equipped to build a digital empire.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to involve completely overhauling your business overnight. It’s a transitional process to be handled with care. A well thought out strategy combined with the best digital technologies and team will enable you to reap the benefits of working faster and smarter.

At Clever Software Group our bespoke software developers can leverage digital technology to increase your business capabilities. Enabling business process automation and driving greater efficiencies for industry leaders.

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