The North West's top cities for property investment

Expert Insights

Are you planning to invest in property? Have you considered looking at the north-west? With more and more investors moving away from London, it is no surprise that they are setting their sights on the north-west region. Across cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Preston, you can find lucrative investments which will guarantee high returns. To find out more about these top three northern cities, you should take a look at this guide to help you decide which location is best.


While other parts of the country have seen a decline in buy-to-let investments, Liverpool has instead experienced a massive increase in both development and investment. There has been increasing demand in Liverpool’s city centre, with L1 standing out as one of the top postcodes for high rental yields. By investing in a central location, you can attract a wide range of tenants including young professionals and students who are looking to be close to work or their place of study, as well as great leisure activities.

Topping the buy-to-let table is L7, which covers areas like Edge Hill, Kensington, and Fairfield. Investors looking at this area can expect to receive rental yields of up to 11.79%, and following behind this is L6 with an average of 11. 52%. By investing in these areas, you can guarantee to receive a high return on your investment, while also gaining a significant amount of tenant interest due to their proximity to the city centre.


The capital of the north is currently one of the most popular places to invest in the whole of the UK, due to its continuous growth and increasing population. Manchester offers a lot of benefits to investors with rental yields of up to 7%, so you can guarantee to make lucrative profits. You can also rest assured knowing that Manchester’s economy is continually thriving with ongoing expansions, such as improved transport links and massive job growth, so there is no wonder everyone is moving to this city.

To help you find the perfect investment in Manchester, you need to work with experts who know the area. Property professionals like RW Invest have several properties available in central Manchester and Salford, where you can gain numerous benefits. This includes great rental yields, affordable property prices and its massive student population, which offers a high level of rental demand.


The Lancashire city may not seem like the top choice for property investment, however, it can offer rental yields of up to 8.53% and is also a much more affordable option. These yields reflect the increase in student accommodation, which is located near the reputable University of Central Lancashire. This offers great opportunities to investors who are looking to capitalise on student properties in the north-west area.

Preston also has great transport links to all the major cities, including Manchester, London and Glasgow. This has enabled an increase in population due to convenient commutes, which has also resulted in job growth. There is also ongoing development throughout Preston, which amounts to around £434 million worth of investment, which is helping the city to expand and thrive.