11 Office Interior Design Ideas

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With so much change in the way we work, offices now need to be places where people want to work. The office we vacated before Covid is no longer enough; there’s so much choice in the job market that employees are now prioritising comfort, happiness and flexibility when choosing where they want to work.

An office relocation is the perfect opportunity to rethink your way of working, creating the ideal environment for the exchange of knowledge, boosting productivity across the board while looking amazing!

Rhino’s office interior design specialists have gathered together 11 ideas for you to consider when planning your office move or renovation.

Making all your space work

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, which means that efficiency is key when planning your office design.

Ensure that every nook and cranny of your floorspace is used optimally and if possible, dual purposed by carefully selecting your furniture and the way you partition the spaces.

Nurture collaborative working

Collaborative working is essential for business success; knowledge sharing and innovation is what will set you apart.

We’re spending more time working remotely than ever before, which means it’s important that when your employees are in the office together, they have a comfortable environment to work collaboratively in.

Unique & cosy

The modern office is moving away from its bland corporate roots and on trend right now is a cosier, homelier feel. Many employees want their office to be a home away from home.

Don’t be afraid to inject some personality. Create memorable, comfortable spaces and cosy quiet zones to capture your brand’s personality and give your employees the homely feel that they want and help keep them relaxed & focused throughout the workday.

Vary your furniture

Too much of the same thing gets monotonous and we recommend mixing things up. Gone are the days of homogeneity – vary your furniture and breathe life into your office!

Use warm ambient lighting

Lighting is a complicated science, and the best offices of today are embracing the Circadian Rhythm – light which patterns the sun in its temperature and colour through the day. Natural or Daylight is good for working areas, while warm lighting is great for sociable areas.

Use wall displays

You’ll have a fair bit of wall space in your new office, so make the most of it!

Get creative. There’s no limit on what you can put on your wall displays. Whether it’s an inspirational message or a more subtle piece of branding, don’t forget to take advantage of your walls.

Creatively segment your office space

Walls & glass work brilliantly at segmenting your office, but you could also consider unique roped-off sections.

This would effectively segment the office while also creating a fully open feel. It’s your office, so make it what you want.

Use green spaces to boost productivity

Studies show that green offices enjoy a 15% boost to productivity!

Incorporating a biophilic theme into an office space, not only provides the aforementioned boost to productivity, but it also provides texture to the office and a spot of colour.

Provide high-focus spaces

Sometimes, employees need to get away from their desks and knuckle down somewhere quiet. That’s where high-focus spaces come into their own.

It’s important to ensure that your office design allows for quiet, focused time as well as collaborative work. Booths work wonders for this, as they provide a place for employees to work separately and remain on task.

Don’t be afraid of colour

People naturally love colour; we’re biologically programmed to enjoy colourful things, so don’t be afraid to allow for a splash of colour in your designs.

Careful use of colour can:

  • Impact your employees’ mood

  • Affect performance

  • Impact productivity and creativity

A luxurious purple finish will evidence premium products, whilst airy blues and greens can help promote a calm atmosphere.

Perfect your office interior design with Rhino

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