Create compelling reasons for people to return to safe offices

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Workplace consultants and office fit-out specialists Blueprint Interiors has created the People-First Office Fit Out Guide to help employers create enticing office spaces that give their employees convincing reasons to return to safe workplaces.

Create compelling reasons for people to return to safe offices

No one could predict just how much people’s views of the workplace would change in 2020.

Opportunities to ditch commutes and enjoy home comforts have changed what people will be looking for in the office spaces they return to.

There are some employees who simply can’t wait to return. But even they will be looking for more from their current and future employers. Greater flexibility will be expected, and tools that allow for teamwork and innovation will be more valued than ever.

People are much more aware of the things they need in order to be productive and happy. And they’ll also want these things to be provided for them in their workplace environment.

Employers and HR teams will need to take notice of what these things are and cater for them as they begin preparing their workplace for the return of their most valued asset – their people. The ones that don’t will risk losing their best talent to organisations that recognise the importance of meeting their people’s needs.

For many, the initial excitement of working from home in isolation is wearing thin. They’ve recognised the things that can’t be done as effectively from the solitary home office environment.

So it’s vital that businesses explore how they can offer experiences that draw people back together, collaborating and innovating in workplaces that people feel safe when entering.

So what’s going to encourage your people back to the office in 2021?

The People First Fit Out Guide will help answer many of the all-important questions you will need to know to meet your organisation’s needs. There will not be a one size fits all solution. The guide explores why you need to change your workplace, how to evaluate the need for agile/hybrid working, how to engage and communicate with your people, how to define the space, and the type of fit-out to suit these needs. It also has lots of project management, procurement and budgeting advice.

Creating agile workspaces

More people are working at home than ever before, and even after the pandemic, many may choose to spend some of their time in home offices.

If you’re planning to allow hybrid working, you may find yourself with a surplus of seats and desks. This could be a perfect opportunity to open up your workplace to a more agile approach. If you already offered agile working you might also need to consider if your office space is still fit for purpose.

What if you do need to downsize office space?

An ‘oversized’ office doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Instead of downsizing your office, why not utilise your extra space to create agile working environments that foster creative thinking and collaboration? Break out spaces, meeting rooms, work cafes. All of these can help to give people the freedom and flexibility to work when and how they feel is best.

The WELL Health & Safety Rating

People also want to be assured the space they are entering is safe. The WELL Health and Safety Standard is a new building health and safety accreditation that is informed by the WELL Building Standard® and more than 600 experts from the Task Force on COVID-19. The WELL Building Standard® is a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing.

Blueprint Interiors recently became the first business in the East Midlands to achieve this standard and is accredited to advise other companies on how to achieve the rating.

Buildings that achieve the rating can display a recognised seal that gives confidence and reassurance to people that the space they’re entering is putting their health first.

Experience what your workplace could look like

Blueprint Interiors are based in Ashby de la Zouch. Their state-of-the-art offices, called Worklife Central have been designed following the same processes used when working with clients. There is a team of workplace design and fit-out experts who would love to show you around to explore the latest concepts in office design, furniture, lighting, acoustic and technology. To arrange a tour, please call 01530 223111 or email