Why Improving Productivity is Key to Business Success

Business Insights

Entire books have been written about the keys to business success, but few factors are more important than productivity. There are no traits or attributes that are more important than your ability to get things done quickly and efficiently on a set schedule. Any startup that fails to be productive will inevitably fail to reach its full potential. That being said, it's easy to see why there's a direct correlation between productivity and profitability. More specifically, here are a few reasons why your ability to stay productive will absolutely make or break your business:

Productivity Requires Staying Organized Through Pre-Defined Procedures

To maximize productivity, you have to run your business based on a set of policies and procedures that remain relatively similar day in and day out. That way, you eliminate surprises and obstacles because you're prepared for every common challenge. Many times, improving organization is done through the use of apps and software that streamline common practices and tasks within the company's overall workflow. For example, some businesses are using PieSync to sync all of their cloud apps automatically. PieSync is compatible with more than 170 of the top business-related apps and can sync data bidirectionally across a network of devices.

Stagnation is The Opposite of Productivity, And Stagnation Kills Businesses

If you're not being productive, what are you doing? You could use many words to describe the act of doing nothing – laziness, idling, procrastination, etc. – but perhaps none are more fitting than stagnation. Without constant productivity, you're either going to be going nowhere or moving along at a snail's pace with unnecessary pauses. A good way to motivate yourself to be more productive is to keep the concept of stagnation vs productivity in mind as you work on each individual task. Ask yourself: are you stagnating or are you being productive? This simple mental exercise can help keep you on track throughout your workday.

Focusing on Productivity Improves Focus, Which Makes You a Better Business leader

The only way to be as productive as possible on a consistent basis is to enhance your ability to focus intently on what you're doing at any given moment. Obviously, this trait will go a long way in making you a more effective corporate leader, and it's also a skill that all of your employees should possess. By forcing yourself to be more productive, you're also forcing yourself to improve mental focus and endurance, and there are all sorts of other positive habits that will come with.

Productivity Boosts Revenue and Meets Deadlines

Ultimately, most entrepreneurs and even business novices can see how productivity is important for their company, and with the explanation above you should now have a solidified view of how being more productive can help drive forward your company or career. A more productive business will be able to expand faster, please more clients/customers, and meet deadlines without any issues. In essence, getting more done is the name of the game if you're trying to outdo the competition and rise to the top of your industry or niche.