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3 essential considerations when thinking about leaving your job to set up your own business

If you are feeling unhappy in the corporate life, working under someone else, you are not alone. With more than 600,000 new businesses forming in 2016, a figure that has increased since 2014, more business people than ever are taking the plunge into business ownership. This is a very exciting step for anyone looking to become their own boss as you now hold the power over your own working hours, working environment and work load. However once the moment of realisation of the size of the task in front of you appears, these feelings of excitement could be replaced by feelings of uncertainty. Yet this transition is not one to be feared, but should be actively embraced. There are many different elements that all require consideration but this should not be off-putting for any individual looking to break out of the corporate sphere.

Working Environment

Before you move into business ownership, it is important to consider the environment you work best in. This can be tricky to distinguish after leaving the corporate sphere as in this setting it is common for individuals to be in an office environment with colleagues and formal desks. However business ownership allows you to craft the perfect working environment for you and any employees you take on.

For example, an individual who is creative may feel stifled by a rigid work environment and breaking free from this may generate further business success by letting their creativity flow. This is not to say a traditional work environment should be avoided, but an essential consideration when leaving a corporate environment is to consider what is most productive for you.

Whatever environment you choose to work in, you need to ensure that this is well equipped with everything you need to work efficiently. It may not be necessary to have state of the art computer equipment if you business is not IT based, but everything should be in good working order to serve its purpose.

Working Hours

When starting your own business it is easy to slip into an unhealthy pattern of working all hours and not giving yourself enough time to relax. It is crucial that you consider your own wellbeing when starting your new business. When you are passionate about your cause all of your focus will be on this however this should not be at the expense of your wellbeing. Before embarking on your new business venture, consider what your working hours will be and try to stick to these. If possible, you should try and create separate spaces for working and relaxing to ensure that whenever you are in your relaxing environment you can truly switch off.

The Importance of Digital Skills

Now more than ever, digital skills are crucial to building the online portfolio of a flourishing small business. Without the knowledge of appropriate social media platforms, how create and post engaging content and the benefits of SEO, your business could get lost in the sea of search engine results. This is why it is important you feel comfortable with online platforms when you are starting your small business. The digital world is a gold mine for marketing your business to not only a local, but also a global audience at the click of a button.

Before commencing your business journey, you should consider which digital platforms are going to be most relevant to your business plan. If you are starting an e-commerce brand, Instagram can be really beneficial to build your brand as it rests upon captivating imagery. In spite of this, everyone starting a new business needs to consider the design of their website scrupulously so potential customers have an easy journey through your site.

Many corporate business people, especially women, are lacking the digital literacy necessary to thrive in the business climate however this should not hold anyone back wanting to venture into the world of business ownership. You are never alone in this adventure and should never feel ashamed to consult experts, such as digital marketing agencies, to make the most out of your platforms. By considering these factors, you will be primed to take the leap into business ownership.

About the Author

Carol Verity Mann is a digital literacy expert with 25+ years experience in sales and marketing. Her organisation Women On the Web (WOW) is dedicated to raising the digital literacy of women in business. More information can be found on Women On the Web and also on We Get Digital, of which Carol is a co-founder.