The Juggle is Real – how business owners can find more time for family

Business Insights

While running your own business can seem exciting and glamorous, the reality is that the demands of business ownership are immense. Often entrepreneurs make the jump to start their own business in order to have a better work/life balance. But this goal gets lost on the way and even those that successfully navigate the start-up years can find themselves trapped spending every available hour working on and in the business.

How can business owners get that time that they so desperately need and want with their family?


Understand the power of delegation. Delegation can be an incredibly scary thing to do - as a business owner, you feel you are the best person to do the job in the business. You feel that other people may not do it to the level you need, or that they may not “get” the processes and goals that you have in your mind and have worked so hard to create.

This mindset needs to change, and fast! Delegation can be the saviour of your wellbeing and your business. There are people that can join your team that not only do the tasks exceptionally well but can do them faster and with more precision. The business owner can be the bottleneck when it comes to operational tasks, as often these tasks are at the bottom of their to-do list, but fill their minds with stress and worry. Leaving these tasks to the last minute can often mean more stress when the business owner could be spending valuable time with their loved ones.

Dictate the manuals for your team

Yes, you read it correctly. I’m using my own tip from above. Do not write it. Dictate. Business owners find delegation difficult because they need to explain how things should be done to the person they are delegating to. And what if that person does not get it? Or what if that person leaves? The fear of doing things, again and again, creates the illusion that it’s quicker to do it yourself.

Any repetitive process should have a manual on how it should be done. There are two reasons for this: firstly, it ensures it will be done in exactly the same way each time. This means that your clients and your team will have the same experience and the same result. And secondly, these manuals represent your business and create your values. Your business stops being dependant on you or that one person who knows how to do it. That’s when your business starts to get on its own feet and you get your freedom back.


This is another form of delegation but the only difference is that it’s done by a computer, not a human being. Consider all of the administrative tasks you do each week such as organising meetings, creating and sending quotes, chasing invoices - the list goes on… The time you are spending can be given to your assistant or you might have a system set up in such a way that it’s done automatically without any intervention. Meetings can be set up in Calendly on pre-set given times and the link to it put in your signature email. Invoice reminders can be sent by the system with the templated reminders. The options are limitless.

With this formula in your mind, the benefits of automating tasks can be beneficial to your bottom line. Automation can be the key to allowing you to step back more comfortably and free up time to spend with your family.

Set boundaries

I also recommend sticking to a strict schedule so you can truly commit to your own wellbeing and be a better business owner. Think about all the times you have felt stressed and overwhelmed. If you give yourself the time to step away from work and switch off, you can work on your mindset, wellbeing and spend time with your family. Your mind will be more focused when you are actually working.

Elena Meskhi is a certified accountant and tax adviser and founder of accountancy firm, Elena Meskhi & Co, besides being a mom to three kids. She is also the author of a new book,Rewire Your Business For Success: the 6 step method to increase profit and reclaim your freedom.