The Best Jobs Of Today, And Tomorrow

Expert Insight

The most in demand future jobs, revealed.

The ever-evolving job market is constantly presenting new opportunities and challenges, especially for people at the beginning of their careers. In 2024, the landscape of employment is expected to transform at an unprecedented pace, making it harder than ever for students and graduates to select a degree subject and career path.

According to recent research by Yugo, the global student housing brand and operator, 69% of prospective students know the future career they want to pursue before going to university. But, are their choices future-proof? Staggeringly, it is predicted that 65% of current school children are expected to work in jobs that don't even exist yet. So, what jobs should current students be looking to get into, and what roles should they plan for further into their careers?

To give people a dash of inspiration, the company has delved into the most popular and lucrative jobs of today, and explored the emerging career paths that hold massive potential for the future.

The Present: Popular Degrees and Lucrative Careers…

Before diving into the future, let's assess the current job market and the degrees that are in high demand. Several professions are currently experiencing significant growth, offering big rewards for those who pursue them. But, the wonderful world of business seems to be the leading contender. In fact, according to a recent survey, Business related degrees are ranked with the best overall future prospects, most jobs available, most remote roles available, best flexibility, and second-best average pay – losing out only to economics and mathematics related subjects. The remainder of the top five ‘overall prospects' leader board includes medicine, IT, engineering, and psychology. So, with that in mind, what jobs should current (and future) students be looking in to?

Business Analyst – average salary £45,000. Business analysts play a crucial role in organisations by analysing market trends, identifying opportunities for growth, and providing strategic recommendations. Their expertise in data analysis and problem-solving enables them to contribute to business development and decision-making processes – making them a valuable part of a team in any business.

Data Scientist – average salary £50,000. With the ever-increasing growth of data-driven decision-making, data scientists have become invaluable assets to organisations. These professionals possess the analytical expertise to understand complex data sets and extract important insights, driving informed business strategies.

Software Developer/Engineer – average salary £52,000. The rise of technology has led to an unquenchable demand for software developers and engineers. These individuals create innovative apps, websites, and software that powers various industries, ranging from healthcare to entertainment. We bet the developers involved in the new Threads app are living their best life right now.

Cybersecurity Analyst - average salary £45,000. As digital threats become more advanced, companies are investing heavily in cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity analysts play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive information and preventing cyber attacks, making them highly sought-after professionals in a range of industries.

The future: jobs that don't exist yet…

With the world constantly evolving, it can be challenging to settle on a career that has longevity. Luckily, there have been a few careers revealed that are projected to thrive within the next 10-years.

AI Ethicist – current average salary £70,000. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and shape our society, the need for ethical considerations will become super important. AI ethicists will ensure that the development and usage of AI tech adheres to ethical guidelines, preventing biases and potential harm. Did someone say robot revolt?

Virtual Reality Designer – current average salary £36,000. Speaking on artificial intelligence, another innovation in the tech world is virtual reality. VR has already revolutionised various industries, including gaming and entertainment. In the future, it's predicted that VR designers will be tasked with creating immersive experiences for education, healthcare, and training purposes, opening up a new realm (pun intended!) of possibilities for designers.

Sustainable Energy Engineer – current average salary £45,000. With the global focus shifting towards sustainability, the demand for professionals skilled in renewable energy is expected to surge. Sustainable energy engineers will play a vital role in developing and implementing eco-friendly solutions to combat climate change – which we all know is becoming more and more of a pressing issue.

So, in a world where job opportunities are constantly evolving, it is a great idea to plan ahead, stay updated, and build on skills that align with the demands of the future. By recognising the shifting trends and preparing for the upcoming changes, prospective students can position themselves for success in the best jobs of both today, and tomorrow – some of which probably don't even exist yet.

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