Productivity Tips - Keeping your projects on track

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LV Construction was founded by Vas Carp in 2014 – who had a vision to invest in the UK economy and the construction industry in particular. With productivity being a key focus for successful projects, Vas wanted to share his approach to working within the time frames you need to maintain to keep on track.

These are his top productivity tips:

  1. Keep the bigger picture in mind

Completing a job on time and to a high standard of quality isn't only about the specific job tasks you need to complete; it also entails close collaboration with the other contractors on site. Good communications are key to ensuring the whole flow of work keeps on track, while adhering to health and safety requirements as an entire team. Keeping the whole project in mind and maintaining awareness of the other contractors’ timescales is key to planning your specific parts of the task is essential to bring the whole project to a successful conclusion.

  1. Accurate planning and time management

Account for every element of a project that will influence the way you work and how long it will take. This will give you an accurate time frame for completion. Accuracy of pricing and budget is also important. A professional estimator can make sure proposals and quotations are accurate and that you are able to follow through and deliver in line with your recommendations without putting yourselves or the main contractor and project at risk.

This approach helps ensure work packages are delivered within budget, on time and to the high level of quality expected.

  1. Communication

Communicating with other teams is essential. Subcontractors need to maintain close contact with the main contractor and the client at all times. I tis important to have clear protocols in place to keep both clients and fellow contractors in the picture at all times. One of the most important ways to communicate is with detailed daily project job sheets, which record everything that’s taking place onsite, down to the fine detail of who’s driving the digger, what hours are done and by whom…by name.

With the country in the financial position it currently finds itself in, time management and keeping projects on time is vital to make sure budgets are adhered to. Good time and project management has many benefits beyond saving money. You can deal with problems more easily, achieve more in a given time frame, make better decisions and keep stress levels down; making sure teams are happier and work more easily together.

Having the reputation of being efficient project managers and timekeepers will give your team more opportunities for work. Reputation matters and a good reputation will enable you as a business to thrive whilst others simply survive.

LV Construction’s main expertise lies within civils, groundworks, demolition and blockwork, including car parks. Their team is able to work as an individual contractor or as a subcontractor, working in tandem with other sub-contractor organisations to deliver the final result. This ability to work seamlessly with other teams has given Vas some impressive insights into productivity and keeping projects on track.

Vas lives in Bristol with his family and is proud to have built a successful company in the South-West region. In the current climate of uncertainty to find a business that is willing to invest in the long term is both refreshing and inspirational.

Vas Carp, LV Construction