Pandemic Story Telling Tips

Business Insights

From Justine Halifax, Director of Angel Media

During the Covid pandemic and each lockdown installation there have been mixed views from firms over whether they should, or should not, promote successes in such a struggling climate.

But with online audiences frequently reaching new heights coupled with readers consciously seeking good new stories – that don’t feature the word virus in them - it’s actually the perfect time for a spot of PR, according to PR expert Justine Halifax, Director of Midlands-based Angel Media.

In fact, some business news platforms have actually been actively seeking positive news stories from regular contributors to break up the wealth of pandemic-focused articles.

And, doing it now, when many platforms are experiencing much higher online engagement, is more likely than not to reap more dividends for your company than normal.

But what can you talk about? And how do you go about it?

Former award-winning journalist and feature writer Justine said:

“There’s always something you can find to talk about. You just need to find the angle to hook the journalist and the reader in.

“For example, has your business got an anniversary coming up? Have you, or do you, plan to take on new staff? Are you expanding in other ways? Have you adapted to Covid to successfully survive? Are you planning to diversify?

“Has lockdown given you time or inspiration to make your business dreams come true? Is there an interesting story to tell about you or what led you to launch your venture? Are your products or your services a break from the norm?

“These are all great reasons to shout about and to use as content for a press release about your firm – to heighten brand awareness, increase your social following and above all, increase sales.

“These are just some of the angles I’ve used successfully to secure clients’ coverage in the media.”

But, she added:

“Remember it’s all about getting your PR package just right so that it’s picked up and not ignored.

“So, make sure you have a good hi-resolution image to go with it – one which suits both the tone of the content and your brand messaging. And, make sure to offer landscape and portrait options too.

“Does your press release capture the journalist’s attention and hit the news nail on the head straight away? Or is it buried halfway down the text? Remember there’s no guarantee that the recipient will have the time to get that far to read your intended angle.

“Is it written in the right style? In a way which the recipient can just pick up and run with when time is of the essence? Have you summarised the key elements of the PR’s subject in the cover email to spark interest? And are you targeting the right people? The right platforms?

“Have you also considered low cost as well as the free options? Here on BBP Media, as just one example, you can get your PR published here and reach 40K+ people for just £29.

“And, how do you plan to promote any media coverage to further extend and maximise its reach? Will you share on all social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on?

“These are all key areas that you must cover off when planning a PR campaign to ensure its success and that you maximise your investment both in time and money.”

Justine Halifax, a former award-winning Midland journalist and feature writer, spent two decades working at the cutting edge of regional media before launching Angel Media, which boasts a 100% success rate in securing clients’ coverage in the media.

If you’d like to enlist her help in a future PR campaign, or for more on the services she offers, visit, email, find her on Facebook @AngelMediaPR or Twitter @Angel_Media_PR or call 07903 719297.