How to Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out at a Trade Show

Business Insights

According to statistics, over 80% of trade show visitors have buying authority, and almost 80% will use exhibitions to make purchasing decisions for your business. So, if you’re selling a B2B product or service, they’re one of the best ways to spread the word about your brand and can be a hugely effective marketing tool over a couple of days. However, it’s important to remember that if hosting an exhibition stand is a good choice for your business, then chances are it’s also going to be something that works for your competitors. So, how do you make sure that you stand out from the crowd?

Give Attendees What They Want

Spend some time getting to know the type of people who are going to be attending your event and putting together a stand that they are going to love. Bear in mind that your brand pretty much lives at this stand for the duration of the event, so treat your stand like you would your home or office - make it somewhere that visitors are going to enjoy spending time. Provide some entertainment alongside interesting advice, make it relaxing, and think about offering some comforts that other exhibitors might not have thought about, like desks and Wi-Fi or a free coffee.

Do the Unexpected

There’s always a chance that going against the grid can be a risk, but when it comes to standing out at a trade show, it’s important that you don’t just follow the crowd and end up doing the same old thing that everybody else is doing - visitors need a reason to choose to make their way over to your stand. Brand teams really need to think outside the box when it comes to making an exhibition stand out; think interesting props and tools, freebies, and entertainment alongside eye-catching exhibition stands - check out this exhibition stand company for more information. Discount Displays offer a fantastic range of exhibition stands and display equipment to make your brand stand out.

Be Exclusive

Wherever possible, offer visitors a unique, exclusive experience that they are not going to find elsewhere. This is especially important if you are going to be attending a launch event to introduce your brand, and want to leave a favourable and memorable impression on your guests. You can use the exhibition as a reason to leave an exclusive, never-before-seen preview of a new product or service, for example, and provide delegates with a gift that they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on anywhere else - USB drives, pens and keyrings are too common.

Have Fun!

Finally, don’t let the human touch go missing from your exhibition stand. Your event team is going to be the difference between getting mediocre or amazing results from the trade show, so make sure that you send your best people. Event show staff should be outgoing, approachable and good at building a strong rapport.

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to get more brand exposure and expand your customer base. What will you do to make your brand stand out at your next exhibition?