How to find the right SEO company for your business

Business Insights

A crowded arena of SEO agencies who claim they can get your website to rank top on Google makes it tricky to find right the SEO company for your business. Obscure methods may be used to boost your company’s SEO, and in some unfortunate cases, the claims and promises to improve your SEO are often over exaggerated - causing the goals to be underachieved. Even if they can keep their promises, Google may find out about these unethical tactics, penalise your website and hurt your rankings.

Many SEO companies fail to understand how complex it is to run a successful SEO campaign. To minimise the chances of choosing an SEO provider who may damage your rankings, we have put together a guide on how you can find good SEO services in London.

Understand business goals

To efficiently choose the right SEO firm for your business, you first need to identify your marketing goals. Once you have defined your business goals and targets, it may make it easier for you to find a company that understands how SEO will align with them. Here we have outlined a few goals you could consider:

  • Content improvement: Developing compelling content can be a great way to drive your target audience to your website and adopt a pull marketing strategy.

  • Boost revenue: SEO can be a driving channel which can bring relevant people to your website if you want to generate more sales.

  • Free Sign-ups, Trials & Downloads: Bringing your target customers to your landing pages and convincing them to sign-up to their newsletter, try out the free trial or download the free guide allows them to learn more about your product – which can potentially convert them into valuable customers.

You should avoid SEO providers who do not acknowledge your business goals and only promise you a lot of traffic. In most cases, more traffic does not necessarily translate to higher sales if the people visiting your website are not relevant. As Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, no agency can guarantee specific rankings within set timescales. It is important to steer away from impossible promises like aiming to get your website top on Google’s results page within the week. With that said, the most suited SEO company for your business will be the ones who are willing to listen to you and focus on fulfilling your goals.

Ease of communication

Communication is essential when selecting an SEO company. If you have any inquiries, they should be able to answer or promptly provide you with the details by telephone, email or a meeting. Any miscommunication or waiting far too long for a response may lead to future complications. Thus, the right SEO firm should be easy to contact and will find the time to help you at all cost.


Researching for genuine reviews about an SEO company is one of the best ways to know whether their services live up to their claims. Any respectable SEO firm will have testimonials where you can read on their website, on Google reviews and Yelp to help you decide if the company is worth the investment. Moreover, you can take a look at Glassdoor reviews to get an insight into how employees at the SEO agency interact and behave.


As they showcase their SEO skills perfectly, it is entirely logical to expect that the best SEO company will appear on the first page, but this is generally not the case. The best SEO firms usually focus their efforts on their clients and consistently deliver exceptional results instead of shifting all their energy into their company ranking on SERP. Most good companies have a high demand for their services and get enough work through referrals and reviews – thus, do not need to rank high on SERP.


Established companies who were around for longer are more likely to have more experience across various types of industries. It is never recommended to let an inexperienced company conduct your SEO strategy. On their website, you should find out how long the company has been around for, as well as looking at their case study section to estimate their level of expertise and past successes. If a company is wary of revealing how long they have been running for, or unable to give you a proof of their achievements and milestones; proceed with caution.


The amount of SEO work required is different for every campaign, which allows you to tailor the service to fit your budget. Therefore, a professional company should not quote a 'package' deal as you need to understand what you are paying for and why. You should select an SEO agency who can tailor a strategy and successfully deliver SEO campaigns which match your budget.