How to Blast Your Business into the Blogosphere

Business Insights

Good communication has never been more important. Throughout the pandemic, video calls and social media have become a lifeboat for so many of us as we face minimal contact and reduced interactions. Thanks to technology, communication has continued, enabling businesses to stay in touch with customers and continue operating.

A hugely important channel to direct communication through is the ‘blogosphere’. Blogs are a great way to share information, detail products and services, and increase exposure. It is a clear and direct route to customers to help build relationships and a space to let the brand’s personality shine. But how do you begin to put a blog together and see results?

Unlike a website, which of course is a great way to showcase your brand, a blog is the perfect platform to strengthen search engine optimisation (SEO) and domain authority. Ultimately, a blog is your ideal content marketing tool. It is a way to convey your unique style and voice through the tone and language you create for your brand—and is extremely important too as it helps to set your brand apart from your competitors.

Many of the world’s leading thinkers have argued that language shapes perception. After all, the language we use creates a particular influence in the mind of the person reading it. Therefore, the language your business uses will impact how people perceive your brand, its product and services, and its position in the marketplace.

Ensuring a blog is well-written and captures a business’s audience correctly is key. Clearly, language choice is important for external communication like blogs, but it’s something businesses can overlook or miss the mark on if writing experience is not their normal 9-5 focus or is not their favourite task.

A brand’s tone and style should be developed and used within a blog so customers can recognise the content as speaking in their ‘brand voice’. Adopting and using the brand’s voice consistently helps people understand the business better, which in turn, increases brand awareness, develops a sense of community and builds trust.

It is very important to take your time in writing a blog to ensure the right message is put across and you are addressing your audience correctly. Write, rewrite and rewrite again. Take your time and get feedback from others in your company or network before posting.

Blog writing can be time-consuming and is not for everyone. It does take some practice and skill to get right and so a marketing expert is a good choice if you are time-short, less than confident on blogging, or just need someone with the creative flair to join all your dots and create a winning depiction of your brand.