How Career Coaching Can Make All The Difference To Your Business

Business Insights

If your business is going through a slump, either with employee motivation or productivity, then getting an external career coach could go a long way in fixing the situation.

Career coaching doesn’t have to mean teaching your employees skills that outgrow the business, indeed, the benefits of career coaching is that it allows employees to focus and grow in their personal development.

They may end up outgrowing their position, but they can actually grow into more advanced roles within your company, at no extra hiring cost to you. Since they’ve come up through the company, they’ll know exactly how everything works too, helping streamline the business.

Career Goals

Getting career coaches in to work with your employees is a great way to assist them, both professionally and personally.

For example, employees may not have an idea of what they want to be doing within your organisation in five years’ time. This is why it’s a classic interview question, as it allows you to get a good feel for where your potential employees are at.

With a career coach, the hope is that you can help employees achieve a bit of peace of mind when it comes to their future, allowing them to achieve greater focus in the moment.

This will lead to both your time and employee time being used more effectively, as everyone involved knows what direction they are wanting to go.

This will inevitably help in ways you may not consider. Perhaps now you’ll know that your employee only wishes to work in this department for another year. You can plan ahead for this change and tell them what they need to do to achieve this change, rather than leave this goal unspoken. If you didn’t know they wanted to progress in the next year, you might get a shock when they hand in their notice for a new role elsewhere.

Job Satisfaction

The main goal of career coaching should always be to achieve job satisfaction. Coaches have a variety of techniques that they can do to make this happen.

The benefits of getting more job satisfaction apply to both the employer and the employee. From an employer’s point of view, you want your employee turnover to be as low as possible. Lower turnover helps reduce HR costs and can have happy employees running at peak productivity.

It will also help you attract the best talent to any open job positions you may have, as you may have employees referring top talent from previous jobs as they can talk about the positive work environment that exists.

As we know, a high level of job satisfaction also equals a high level of productivity. The two go hand in hand.

Assistance In Career Outplacement

Sadly, it may be the case that you have to let employees go that you don’t wish to. The financial state of the world is forever changing, and hasn’t been helped by the coronavirus pandemic.

If this is the case, then you can use career coaches supplied by external outplacement services. The benefits of services such as this, are that you can help manage the redeployment of your employees, to help them move on cleanly.

There is a stigma around being made redundant, which is why companies such as this exist. They are able to suitably support, advise, train and find a new place to work. Randstad RiseSmart are one such innovative organisation doing just that, they are considered an industry disruptor.

What this means, is that they have changed the game when it comes to outplacement services.

They can offer personal coaching to your outgoing employees, partnering them with an expert career coach who helps individuals assess their skills, prepare for interviews and navigate the job market, helping them find a new place to work as soon as possible.

Using a service such as this will greatly help secure the future of your business, as it shows you are a place of work that cares for those who work here.

Industry Expertise

The great thing about modern career coaches, is that they often have come from the industry you’re coming from. So, they’ve been there, done that, and can now advise your employees on their future journey.

Having expert advice means that you as a business can only benefit. Both on an individual level and as a collective group.

When seeking industry advice, try and find specific areas that you need assistance with first. You can, of course, go for a general industry expert, but if you can identify a business function that needs more focus, then that would go a long way.

Productivity Boost

At the end of any coaching assistance you seek out, you should see a boost in productivity across the workforce. Not only that, but also a team that is raring to go with motivation through the roof.

Your employees will be encouraged to take more responsibility, feel more empowered and increase overall performance.

Everyone will be able to contribute more effectively, communication will be through the roof. Career coaching is really an invaluable experience.