Converting Leads into Sales with Better Marketing Campaigns

Business Insights

Reaching and connecting with your customers is now your best bet to improve turnover and convert your leads into sales. It is all about the marketing technique you use in order to get a relevant message across, and make people feel compelled enough to purchase your offerings. It’s the soft sell that ties itself to specific emotions, and compels people to buy without feeling like they were pushed or manipulated.

Traditional marketing strategies often suggest that you focus on a target market and develop your communications with them based on data gathered from a certain demographic. However, certain beliefs have become more prevalent in today’s world, based on consumer behavior observed throughout the years. A more targeted marketing strategy, often called accounts-based marketing, espouses that forging deeper connections with a select few yields more substantial results and revenue than a broad message sent out to a target group of people.

Here are some of the reasons why account-based marketing works.

    1. The repeat customer is the one you spend the least of your marketing budget on, yet yields the most substantial revenue.

    Your captured market, the one that already believes in your company and your products/services, and talks about you to their network – their friends, family, and colleagues – are the ones who yield the most value for your business. Out of their sheer conviction of how you improve their lives, they will talk about you in the most convincing ways to their own social network. You don’t need to allocate any additional expenditure on them because they are already delighted by you – and will proceed to spread the good word, and you can trust that they will create conversions.

    2. Targeting your communications on already high-yielding clients will give you compounded results.

    Keep feeding the delight of the people who are already delighted by you to begin with is an easy feat. The attention you pour on them will be regarded with great value, and fostering the relationship is like developing a deeper connection with the friends you already have. The value of this is much higher than the acquaintances with whom you exchange shallow banter.

    3. You are free to tailor-fit your strategy to the needs of your key accounts, offering them better value by customizing your offerings to their needs.

    Unlike inbound marketing where you cast a wide net to a supposed target market, where the strategy consists of mainly creating content for an expansive group, accounts-based marketing lets you exercise a customized approach toward your account’s specific needs. This helps you continue to learn about what specific problems they encounter and eventually develop more fitting solutions for them. There are strategic ABM campaigns for SaaS businesses as well as other kinds of non-digital businesses, whether you are serving the retail or B2B market.

Traditional, inbound marketing may not completely be phased out as some companies still find this applicable for their needs. But once you have established who your most important clients are, it would be good to apply more specific strategies outlined in the accounts-based marketing theories for their purposes.