8 Tasks You Should Consider Automating to Save Time in Your Department

Business Insights

Sometimes, getting the task done in the most efficient and cost-effective ways means passing it on to somebody else with more knowledge and skill. And whether you are running a business or heading up a department of a large company, knowing what and how to delegate is going to serve you well. Not delegating tasks can lead to you and your team feeling overworked and overwhelmed, and even short on time to get other things done. So, here are some of the main tasks that you should consider outsourcing to save time, money, and hassle.

App Development

App development is definitely not something you should try to do on your own unless, of course, you’re an experienced coder already. Developing a successful app for your business, whether you’re looking to put together a shopping app for your customers or a ‘just for fun’ app associated with your brand, takes a lot of time and expertise. Your app will need to go through rigorous testing to ensure that it is ready for your market, and automated testing can save even more time and energy, freeing up your IT department to get on with looking after the other stuff. If you want to develop a business app, consider the best practices, and hire experts like Global App Testing to do it for you. They will help you implement test automation throughout the process to ensure that your app works at its best from the start.

Web Design

Does your business need a new website? Again, this is not usually a job that you should try and tackle on your own unless you have some experience, or the website you need is simple enough to create easily using a DIY platform. Many business owners and department managers make the mistake of thinking that building their own site will save them time and money, only for it to lead to costly mistakes that need a developer to fix down the line.


Marketing can take up a huge chunk of your time if you are running several different departments at once. If your business can’t yet afford to have a dedicated marketing department, consider outsourcing the work to an experienced marketing company that can take it all on for you. That way, your members of staff who should be working on different projects won’t be using up all their work hours to market your products and services to potential customers and can get on with their actual jobs while you can relax in the knowledge that the experts have you covered.


Search engine optimization is yet another job that should always be left to the professionals if you don’t have a lot of experience with it. Sure, there’s plenty of information available online and plenty of tools that you can use to improve SEO, but if you want top-notch results, you need to hire top-notch people. An experienced SEO can work with you on a long-term basis to ensure that your business is staying up to date and consistently getting what you want from your search campaigns. Otherwise, it’s a big job that can end up taking up most of your time with no guarantee that it will even work.

Customer Service

Have you found that yourself or other members of your department are spending more and more time dealing with customer service than getting on with the work that’s actually in your job description? If customer calls tend to take up a big part of your time and it’s leaving you without enough hours in the day to get everything else done, you might want to consider outsourcing customer care. You can find companies or even individuals who can take over and be the first point of call for customers for you, only escalating situations to you when absolutely necessary.

Delegation is all part and parcel of running a successful business or department. If any of these tasks have started to take way more time than they should, it might be time to consider outsourcing.