64 percent of employed Brits think they could do a BETTER job than their boss, according to new research

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The nationwide study of 1500 working Brits found that more than a quarter (28 percent) of British workers think their boss has no clue how to manage people, 13 percent claim they are better qualified than their superior, and 12 percent say their overseer doesn’t actually understand how the business works.

The study, by Ginger Research, found that 80 percent of Brits claim to have worked for a TERRIBLE boss in the past, and almost a fifth (18 percent) have quit their job because they have been so awful.

19 percent of the nation’s workers say their superior routinely gossips about other staff members, 16 percent that they are a LIAR, and 13 percent that they regularly take credit for other people’s work.

And one in ten Brits think their boss has NO IDEA how to grow the business.

The study also found that 14 percent of Brits claim to have been bullied by a boss at some point, and 8 percent have made a formal complaint to senior management about their poorly performing superior.

When it comes to why some UK bosses aren’t up to par, 44 percent of British workers claim that leaders who don’t listen to their employees do not perform well.

Also on the list of reasons was people being promoted who don’t have management skills (41 percent), leaders who are lazy (40 percent) and bosses who are unable to delegate successfully (29 percent).

A further 29 percent of British workers believe bad recruitment processes can lead to the wrong people being promoted, while a fifth (21 percent) think that inadequate or outdated systems within a business can often lead to an ineffective senior team.

Regional differences were revealed by the data, with Belfast the city with the WORST bosses in the UK (a huge 96 percent of residents of the city think they could do a better job than their boss), followed by London (72 percent), and Sheffield (71 percent). Leicester is the city with the best bosses, where only 45 percent of dwellers of the East Midland city saying they’re better than their boss.

Six signs you’re a bad boss - according to the nation’s employees

You don’t listen to your employees - 44 percent

You have no idea how to manage people - 41 percent

You are lazy - 40 percent

You are only out for yourself - 39 percent

You cannot delegate - 29 percent

You are a result of bad recruitment processes - 29 percent

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