A Guide to Different Flooring Textures

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Please find Flooring365’s Lacquered, Brushed and Oiled, Brushed and Lacquered, Hand Scraped, Distressed and Oiled Flooring Textures Below.

Lacquered Wood Flooring

The most popular method of securing a wood floor is varnishing (lacquering). The protective layer that is applied on the surface provides lasting protection against daily wear and tear for years and makes lacquered wood floor simple and easy to keep up with and maintain. You can get this in Engineered Wood Flooring and Solid Wood Flooring - Lacquer has two options of a matt or gloss finish whilst keeping the natural, smooth and shiny effect. Lacquered floors are exposed to scratches and scuffs. Obviously, on a shiny surface area scratches and scuffs are very easy to spot. Once this happens, fixing this problem can be expensive, not very easy and sometimes needs sanding and repainting the whole surface of the floor. So, if you keep in mind to remember to take your shoes off before walking on the lacquered floor to avoid transferring sand and little stones, use rugs and carpets in areas with highest traffic, and apply floor protectors to your furnishings and then your floor will stay looking good as new.

Brushed and Oiled Wood Flooring

Our brushed and oiled wood flooring is one of our few and foremost obtainable floors. This flooring has been brushed gently to reveal all of the natural qualities and charm of the wood, giving the wood a richer detailed look. It has then been finished with layers of oil to shield it from daily wear and tear, which provide the natural and ‘used’ looking matt finish to the flooring. A brushed and oiled wooden floor has several advantages for example, you're walking on a natural, stunning floor and you have the extra strength and stability that comes with the floor that is also less liable to twisting and warping.

Brushed and Lacquered Wood Flooring

Brushed and lacquered wood flooring is one of the most unique finishes we provide, along with the stability, strength and beautiful look. Whilst the brushing method adds depth and texture to the solid wood wear layer, the addition of lacquer leaves your desired wood flooring with an enthralling shine. Brushed and lacquered designed wood flooring can prove exceptional durability, whilst also having the life of traditional Solid Wood Floor. With this mix, your designed wood flooring can have a classic rustic look and feel whilst remaining very low maintenance. The feel introduced by the brushing method will stop minor scuffs and scratches from showing. At an equivalent time, the lacquer sits higher than the solid wood veneer, providing a naturally spill resistant and protecting layer to your designed wood floor. All you'll want may be a damp mop to keep your floors shining and well looked after.

Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

Hand scraped surface textures can be anywhere between subtle and extreme. The board surfaces have a wave-like look on top of the board created with a wood scraper. Hand scraped hardwood floors definitely bring an additional casual look to a room, adding warmth, comfort and a homely atmosphere. The more hand scraped texture a hardwood floor has, the more likely it'll hide scratches and dents. Many homeowners that own larger dogs usually pick a hand scraped textured floor simply because wear and tear can be easily concealed and hidden.

Distressed Wood Flooring

When a hardwood floor is listed as distressed, it is commonly antiqued, but in a different way than with the hand scraped textured wood flooring. Distress marks may possibly embrace dents, burn marks or darkening of edges. The goal is to create a lived on, beaten up look on the hardwood floor. Distressed flooring is ideal for heavy trafficked households or homes with lots of pets; because the polished distressing helps to camouflage any actual dents and scratches that may occur. Distressed wood flooring is a beautiful finish for any floor such as Solid Wood Flooring and Engineered Wood Flooring.

Oiled Wood Flooring

Typically, oiled finish wood flooring provides both a surface protection and a deep penetrating protection. An oiled finish is the perfect solution when you’re looking for a natural looking finish for your wood floor. Usually speaking, this solution can provide you with a lovely natural, matt look. Although, oiled wood flooring is slightly higher maintenance on an ongoing basis than many other flooring textures; oiled tends to need fewer major treatments because the protection goes deeper than the surface. in contrast to lacquered flooring for example, once the top layer of oil gets worn away, there's still a layer of protection beneath. And like any wooden flooring, if you defend it with a decent doormat, vacuum it often and provide it a light mop, it should stand the test of time well. Oiled wood flooring, has a lovely natural look and allows the colour of the wood to deepen over the years, considering it is well looked after.