What Affect is Hybrid Working having on Your Business?

Business Insights

Hybrid, a word that we’ve heard a lot since the beginning of the pandemic, but more importantly what affect has it had on your business? Covid helped accelerate already existing trends: working from home, flexi hours and agile working, or as we better know it now as hybrid working. In fact, these ‘hybrid spaces’ have been around years, providing employees with a flexible approach. Whether it’s working from home or the going to the office, people now have choice.

As we transitioned to remote working because of the pandemic, it upended everyone’s traditional views of the workplace and how the workplace serves purpose. Lots of organisations have shifted their conventional view on the office to a more modern approach. This past year has taught us that in the workplace it’s even more important to be transitioning into new ways of working and adapting to smarter processes, that includes outsourcing.

The forced reimagination of how we should be working has provided an opportunity to relook at roles in your business and look at where you can add the most value. Outsourcing roles that were once time consuming can free up time allowing your team to focus on more important tasks, outsourcing is there as the tool that can help everything be kept in one place whilst being unaffected by people working remotely or at the office. One department we are seeing be outsourced a lot more is HR.

This new way of working has changed leadership dynamics including the role of HR and people managers. They are having to lead in a world unlike anything we have experienced before, leaders will need to work hard to communicate expectations clearly. This needs to be part of a wider shift in corporate culture, one that really encourage flexibility and puts employee wellbeing first.

Through research that has been conducted, businesses have found that you get a more commercial, well rounded independent advice from an outsourced specialist, someone who is used to working with multiple companies. Your outsourced team are more likely to be fresh up to date with the latest laws and practices so they can advise you in the best way possible to move your business forward. There has been and continues to be many changes as we have seen when it comes to legal precedents, by outsourcing HR you can put your entire faith in people whose focus is HR, who has clear knowledge of when rules and regulations change and who can ensure your business is at minimal risk when it comes to employment law and practise changes. We have often seen that these teams, help offer a fresher more on the ball approach to HR, meaning a fresher approach for your team.

Every business has a different population, there is no specific answer on how to better manage a workload. However, outsourcing can be the initial starting point to smarter working and not ending up being buried alive in paperwork, this helps staff better manage their workload leading to greater overall wellbeing and a better work life balance. Processes that would normally be easy to achieve in a collective environment have now become more difficult. The pandemic has proved just how reliable outsourcing can be to many, but with most of your staff splitting their time between their homes and the office, it can be harder to spot signs of employee fatigue.

Human Resources is the glue to any business or organisation, its role helps build and develop workforces to become stronger in planning and management. With a booming business, sales skyrocketing and teams ever expanding, HR departments have never been busier, when you outsource some of these functions, you are open to more services that you didn’t have access to as a smaller team. HR firms have the latest technology, they know the best practices for every function you may need. By partnering with these providers, you know that your business will always be up to date with the latest changes, whilst being assured you will always be following the applicable HR regulations.

Whether it’s having an extra pair of hands to help with the workload or looking for help with process. The combination of saving your team time and money, all whilst having all the best access to latest technologies and laws means all HR functions are being completed with ease. Now is the time you should be considering outsourcing, look at the options available to you, it’s time make your business work smarter.

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