These are the three 2022 bathroom trends that can improve your wellbeing

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Many of us take pride in our homes and strive to create the best living space we can, but has the focus on impressing those who enter our homes become of less importance over recent years and are we prioritising features of our homes that benefit us more?

The subject of our health and wellness has become more spoken on in recent years, with people taking better care of themselves and practising acts of self-care and mindfulness in their daily lives. As a result, our homes have become less of a showroom to impress guests who visit and now serve a much more meaningful job, which is to benefit our wellbeing and become our happy space. People are now incorporating elements into their houses that are beneficial for the mind, whether that be routines, objects, sounds or smell, and one room in particular that people are transforming is the bathroom.

Bathrooms were once seen as a room solely for maintaining personal hygiene but have since found a secondary purpose which is a place to relax and unwind. People are investing more of their time and money into creating the perfect bathroom that they can use to de-stress and cleanse the mind and as a result, we are seeing new bathroom trends emerge this year.

Hannah Conway, director of Bathrooms of Distinction, has seen first-hand, the new and emerging bathroom trends that have become a hit this year. Out of the popular bathroom trends of 2022 so far, Hannah has shared the 3 bathroom trends that can not only bring a fresh, modern appearance to your bathroom but can improve your wellbeing too.

    1. Botanical elements

    "There is a theme of bringing the outside indoors currently which is on the rise and we are seeing a lot more greenery incorporated into bathroom decor this year so far, especially plants. Indoor plants have been a feature in many interior design articles for years but now we are seeing them move into the bathroom area. Specifically making a feature of Eucalyptus trails or an easy maintenance Sansevieria. Plants are believed to improve a person's mental wellbeing by reducing stress and decreasing levels of anxiety, making them a good staple to add to your bathroom decor if you haven’t already! You can even purchase botanical print wall panels if this is more your style.”

    2. A rise in spa-like features

    "You can’t beat a luxurious spa day away but you can recreate one in your bathroom at home. In the highly stressful lives we all lead, our bathrooms are becoming more of a sanctuary as it is a place where we can practise mindfulness in a peaceful and private environment.

    Candles, calming scents and high-quality toiletries are all features becoming a popular statement in more bathrooms recently to achieve a feeling similar to a spa. Minimal changes can be made to achieve this. Keeping away from bright and vibrant colour schemes and decluttering. You can go bold and install a bath and minimalist furniture or simply add a few candles/crystals and get yourself an over bath book/tablet holder, which we are seeing more of recently.”

    3. Choice of colour scheme

    “Creating a relaxing bathroom feel wouldn’t be complete without a careful choice of colour scheme. When choosing the colour of paint or tiles to set the tone of your bathroom design it is important to opt for soft and soothing colours to create a sense of tranquillity if that is what you’re aiming for. Lighter colours can also be a good choice as they help make your bathroom space look bigger and brighter.”

Ultimately, to create a bathroom that helps improve your wellbeing, it is important to integrate features that bring you feelings of calmness, relaxation and happiness which can differ for every individual.