Sanitisation, not just the workplace, what about your vehicles?

Business Insights

As the roll out of the various vaccines against Covid 19 continues at pace, increasing numbers of companies will be considering how best to safeguard their employees as they return to work once restrictions ease.

There are a vast range of products available, from those available on the supermarket shelf for home use through to specialist chemicals to only be used by professional companies. Many employers will be calling in professional cleaning companies for a thorough deep clean and sanitise before the employees return. The difficulty can arise afterwards, when the employer is considering how to maintain a safe working environment.

The products available to these firms are numerous, many of which come in the form of liquid chemicals, but a lot of interest is being expressed in the properties of ozone gas. For example, liquid treatments require a drying time, and residual products may produce skin irritation, therefore, as an alternative, the use of ozone gas is spreading since it can easily penetrate to most areas and surfaces that require disinfection.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that ozone can reduce the level of bacteria and act on a broad range of viruses. Being a gas, it can penetrate all areas within a room, including crevices, fixtures, fabrics, and the under surfaces of furniture, much more efficiently than liquid sprays, aerosols, or ultraviolet light. It is these properties that render ozone gas especially useful when it comes to getting round the fact that most cleaning and sanitising solutions are only concerned with keeping the workplace safe, and ignore company vehicles.

Considerations around vehicles range from protecting staff who need to access vehicles, to providing customer reassurance that a vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned and is free of any potentially harmful viruses, germs and bacteria. Vehicles with multiple drivers will benefit from ensuring vehicles are safe and drivers are protected from Covid-19, for example those delivering goods. The ability to ensure vehicles are Covid-19 secure will give customers peace of mind and support the duty of care that businesses and organisations have to their employees.

Ozone is a natural strong oxidant gas, with a wide antimicrobial spectrum, and is considered one of the best biocides against microorganisms by the World Health Organization. Aqueous solutions of ozone are in use as disinfectants in many commercial situations, including wastewater treatment, laundries, and food processing. However, ozone is very reactive and, as a consequence, ozone molecules break down naturally to oxygen with a half-life of 20–30 min at 30 °C. meaning that ozone must be produced and used in situ, usually by oxygen or air by ozone generators. Commercial sanitisation solutions from tested and certified portable generators that produce ozone gas are now available. Ozone gas purifies air and surfaces, quickly ensuring that all surfaces; glass, carpets, walls and hard to reach areas are sanitised and safe for customers and staff. They are safe and easy to use and manage the process of sanitising in complete autonomy, automatically delivering the correct quantity of ozone to input in the space, optimising the treatment time to avoid any damage to objects and surfaces. No technical competence or supervision is required.

Auto Data Solutions Ltd has partnered with Sanity System, to bring to the UK, portable medical grade sanitisation devices, which provide an eco-friendly way to sanitise, killing bacteria, moulds, fungi, removing bad odours, and inactivating viruses using ozone. The system has been independently tested and certified in accordance with EU Standards to be 99.9% effective in the elimination of COVID-19.

Sany Car is the smallest in the range, designed for vehicles, and taking only 22 minutes to sanitise and deodorise both the interior and air-conditioning system of every type of vehicle: cars, campers, SUVs, minibuses, ambulances, medical cars, vans, and trucks. Costing less than £1 per treatment, this is one of the most sought-after devices in the automotive industry. All ‘hard to reach’ places, the actual fabric of the vehicle’s upholstery and anything left in the vehicle is treated without harming the fabric, rubber or interior electric’s in any way. Unlike other solutions, Sany Car provides the assurance that vehicles are safe to use.

Sanity System has been used since 2008 throughout Europe across multiple industries including: Automotive, Health Authorities, Hospitals, Care Homes, Nurseries, Emergency Services, Hospitality and Schools. Other devices are available for sanitising larger areas such as offices and workshops – details of these can also be found on Sanity System’s website.