Have you got the skills to work in recruitment?

Business Insights

The skills you have gained throughout your career so far have equipped you perfectly for a job in recruitment – currently among the most highly rated jobs in the UK.

Think about it. Worked as a chef for a few years? Who better than someone who has been in the kitchen, knows the demands and has the skills to recruit for the catering sector?

Worked in sales? You know, then, the demands of jobs in customers service, the good bits and the bad bits, the tricks of the trade. You know what to look for in a candidate and you can give them the lowdown to get their next job.

Know your processors from your network system? You could be just what a client is looking for to help them recruit the next generation of IT engineers.

Many of the most successful recruiters didn’t start off in the sector – in fact 80 per cent of the recruiters at Pertemps didn’t start out as recruiters. They were experienced in a specific sector before transferring those skills to help bring the right talent to the industry they formerly worked in.

They learned their trade and then switched roles, looking for a new challenge that used their expertise to help candidates find their ideal role and clients bring in top quality talent.

Think back to your last interview. Was the person chatting to you – nice as they will undoubtedly have been – an expert in your field? The best interviews should always be a conversation about competency. For that to happen, the person you are speaking to needs to know about your job: the challenges, the frustrations and the plans for your development going forward.

Skip ahead then. If you were interviewing someone for a role in your specialist field, what are the topics you would really like to discuss that will tell you if the person is right for the role and knows their stuff? Having that background knowledge to able to chat about the challenges and pitfalls not only helps you assess whether the person is right for the role, but also can help put them at ease. A job interview shouldn’t be a harrowing ordeal! It’s about getting to know if a person can do the job and if they are a fit for the culture of the business.

Obviously, moving into recruitment, you need to have guidance on transferring your skills to the sector. Pertemps offer a tried-and-tested 12-week plan for new recruits guarantees to equip individuals with the skills they need to combine their sector expertise with recruiting skills and tools. It’s simply a case of using your knowledge and experience in a different way.

So, if you’re looking for your next job, why not consider becoming a recruitment consultant? Think bigger.

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