An Insight to Industrial Cleaning

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Industrial cleaning is incredibly important to the running of a business. Obviously, you are under obligation to provide your workers with a clean and safe environment in which they can work, but there is so much more to it than just fulfilling your obligations as an employer. We are becoming more and more aware of how cleanliness can prevent illness and the spread of viruses, so keeping your workplace clean means that your employees are less likely to become ill and require time off work.

On top of that, many studies have found that a clean environment increases productivity - it is much nicer to work in an area that has been cleaned, and the happier and safer that your staff feel, the more productive they will be. To put it simply - regular and thorough industrial cleaning is a smart business decision.

The best way to go about this, though, is to get in a team of professionals. It is just the only way of ensuring that it is carried out to a high standard and with as little disruption to the day-to-day running of the business as possible. The better professional companies will work around your schedule and only operate on days and at times that suit you - even working through the night when that is best.

What does an industrial clean service include?

An industrial clean can cover a wide range of services:

  • Warehouse cleaning - make sure your entire warehouse meets the required safety standards (including Global Food Safety Initiative and British Retail Consortium) with a deep clean of every aspect of your warehouse, from ceilings and windows to ducting and ventilation. Adhesive removal, pressure washing, chemical degreasing and paint removal are just some of the options available.

  • Factory cleaning - all factories need to be kept clean to avoid health & safety and fire risks. Whether it is emergency one-off cleans, periodic cleans to keep on top of things, or specialist areas such as for chemical spills oir oil and grease cleans, a professional cleaning company will be able to meet your demands.

  • Office cleaning - offices are often overlooked when it comes to a deep clean, but they are often breeding grounds for bacteria, particularly e-coli. From regular cleans to an annual BioSweep ® decontamination, there are plenty of options to keep your office clean and safe.

  • Graffiti removal - nothing ruins the professional look of a building like graffiti. This can be sorted quickly with professional cleaners.

  • Fly-tip removal - similar to graffiti, anyone can be a victim of fly-tipping, and businesses are often targeted. Get it removed quickly and disposed of responsibly with professional help.

How much does an industrial clean cost?

As you have probably guessed from the previous section, the cost of industrial cleaning will really depend on exactly which services you require, and how often you require them. Some companies will charge you per hour, some will charge you for the complete job.

The best way to go about this is to speak to a company that will offer you a free quote - that way you can explain exactly what services that you require and get an idea of what you can expect to pay, without having to commit anything.

What to do in preparation for an industrial clean?

When you are preparing for an industrial clean, it is important that you make sure you speak to the professional cleaners and establish exactly what you want them to clean. Once that is sorted, it will save plenty of time if you make access to these areas as easy as possible - you do not want to be paying people just to move things around before they even start on the cleaning.

It is also advisable to make sure anything that you need to keep (such as important documents) is clearly identifiable or, better still, stored away somewhere out of sight.

Risks associated with industrial cleaning

Other than the risk of losing something important that you have not stored away safely, there really is not a downside to industrial cleaning. The benefits (health and safety or your staff, better productivity etc) certainly outweigh any perceived risks.


Hazards of industrial cleaning

If done incorrectly, industrial cleaning can be hazardous. The chemicals involved in the cleaning process need to be handled carefully, there is exposure to all manner of biological hazards (from mould and fungi to bacteria and infectious pathogens) and there is the real physical threat of accessing the various areas that need cleaning, whether it’s windows, ceilings or vents. It is so important that this area of business is handled by trained professionals with all the appropriate equipment at their disposal.