Popular Name Changing Options After Marriage

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Marriage is the most common reason for anyone to change their name in the UK. There are several different options for newly married couples who are undecided about names.

The traditional practice is for the woman to take the man's surname upon marriage. If you choose to do this, no deed poll or any further action is required, and your marriage certificate will serve as evidence of your name change.

If you want to continue using your maiden name, you also do not need to take any action. If you are not sure what to do about your name once you get married, consider the following options, which will require a deed poll for official purposes:

Double Barrel Surnames

This uses both couples' surnames, placed in any order either as one word or separated by a hyphen.

In some cases, this will require a deed poll as evidence. The cost of two deed polls can be avoided if the man changes his surname before the wedding. The wife can take his double-barrelled surname on the day in the traditional way.

This should be done at least two months before the wedding. All necessary documents need to be changed to the correct name, particularly if you are planning a honeymoon abroad, as international travel with more than one name can be very difficult.

Meshing Your Surnames

This is blending elements of each person's surname to create a new one for both of them. For example, if Mr Williams married Mrs Johnson, they could become Mr & Mrs Willson.

Man Taking the Woman's Surname

It is perfectly acceptable to do this. Many organisations (including the passport service and DVLA) will accept the marriage certificate as evidence of this.

However, some organisations, such as banks and building societies, will require a deed poll because of the break-in tradition.

Taking Either Partners Surname as a Middle Name

To keep a link to your family or to make the name changing process less one-sided, you could take whichever surname is being abandoned as a middle name. This can be done by deed poll.

A legal document, such as a deed poll, should only be drawn up by an experienced solicitor to ensure that it will be accepted by all of the relevant bodies. However, you can also order the deed poll online. It is safe, easy and convenient. Just make sure you go with a trusted website after reading the reviews and verifying its credibility.

Changing your name upon marriage can be complicated, particularly if you plan to travel abroad shortly afterwards.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Your Name After Marriage?

If you're updating your name on the government website, you can do it for free. However, if you require to do it through deed poll, you may need to spend anywhere between twenty to fifty pounds depending upon the requirements.

In most cases, deed polls can be ordered with the UK Deed Poll Office in three simple steps, that are:

Step 1: Complete & submit the online application form

Step 2: Obtain your deed poll certified copies

Step 3: Witness your deed poll

Also, remember that you could be fined up to a hundred British Pounds in case you fail to notify DVLA immediately of your name change.

Same-Sex Couples

If same-sex couples agree to have a common surname, the one taking the surname won't need to order a deed poll. He/she can use their civil partnership or marriage certificate to register their name change.

Final Word

This article has discussed the legitimate and popular name changing options after the marriage. You need to be clear when to require a deed poll to avoid any confusion or legal troubles.

Take cues from this article and ensure you or your partner ends up taking a name you both love.