Class of 2024: Top career paths in the UK for new graduates

Business Insights

A recent study conducted by experts at London Office Space has unveiled the most popular careers to start in 2024 in the UK so far, shedding light on the sectors recent graduates are looking to break into.

The research considered the monthly Google searches made for job positions across various sectors nationwide and their availability in the employment market, as per the number of open job listings on Glassdoor.

The study provides insights into the career paths that are in high demand among job seekers, and therefore may prove the most competitive for applicants.

    1. Data Analyst

    Leading the list with an average of 5,145.83 Google searches made each month, Data Analyst positions continue to be in high demand due to their critical role in interpreting complex data that drives business decisions across all industries.

    And with 68 current job listings open on Glassdoor, this career offers plentiful opportunities - particularly in the tech and finance sectors.

    2. Project Manager

    With the second-highest Google search volume of 3,980.83, Project Managers are essential for overseeing projects from inception to completion, ensuring efficiency and goal achievement.

    This role is ideal for organized, decisive individuals who excel in leadership and communication and can orchestrate team efforts.

    There are 24 job openings available on Glassdoor, highlighting a steady demand in the construction, IT, and healthcare industries especially.

    3. Business Analyst

    Placing third and attracting an average monthly Google search volume of 2,999.17, Business Analysts are key in bridging the gap between IT and the business using data analytics to assess processes and deliver data-driven recommendations.

    Perfect for analytical thinkers with a knack for problem-solving and a strong understanding of business, this role is crucial in optimizing efficiency. The current availability of nine positions on Glassdoor reflects its niche but vital role.

    4. Software Developer

    With an average of 2,902.5 Google searches, Software Development is the fourth most popular, and is fundamental in building and implementing software solutions.

    Best suited for individuals who excel in logical thinking and have a strong passion for programming, this role plays a critical part in advancing technology within start-ups and tech companies.

    The availability of 15 open job listings on Glassdoor showcases the growing opportunities in this rapidly evolving field – but also reveals how competitive the field is, as the supply of roles will struggle to meet this demand.

    5. Software Engineer

    Rounding up the top five, with a Google search volume of 2,531.67, are engineers who design, develop, and install software solutions. This career is ideal for those interested in all aspects of computer science and software engineering.

    The presence of 45 active job listings highlights a strong demand for skilled professionals in this foundational tech role.

    6. Data Scientist

    Placing sixth, with a search volume of 2,135.00, this role involves using statistical methods to analyse data and generate useful business insights, essential in big data and AI-driven industries.

    The availability of 18 open job listings points to the growing demand for Data Scientists in a field known for its competitive prospects and innovation.

    7. Web Developer

    With the seventh-highest Google search volume of 2,106.67 per month, Web Developers who create and maintain functional and aesthetically pleasing websites are in demand this year. Currently, however, Glassdoor holds just nine open roles.

    This role is well-suited for individuals with a keen eye for design and a strong understanding of web technologies, thriving in the dynamic sectors of digital marketing and e-commerce.

    8. Chef

    Chefs, with a Google search volume of 1,725.83, are highly sought after in the evergreen culinary industry, ideal for creative individuals passionate about culinary arts and gastronomy.

    With the highest number of analysed job openings at 708 on Glassdoor, this career path offers vast opportunities, especially in hospitality and private dining. This will be especially good news for fans of the Disney+ series The Bear.

    9. Graphic Designer

    This creative profession attracts a monthly Google search volume of 1,505 and offers 33 open job listings on Glassdoor.

    Graphic Designers, suited for artistic individuals with strong visual communication skills, are indispensable in marketing, advertising, and media industries for creating visual concepts that shape brand identities and engage audiences.

    10. Copywriter

    With a search volume of 1,495.83 and 28 available job listings, Copywriters are essential for producing engaging content for advertising campaigns, social media, and websites.

    Ideal for creative thinkers with a knack for storytelling and persuasive writing, they play an important role in driving marketing strategies and enhancing brand communication.

On the other end of the scale, the roles that proved least desirable was Advertising Executives, Purchasing Officers, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Alex Ugarte, Operations Manager of London Office Space, commented on the findings:

"Choosing the right career path is crucial, especially with the changing job landscape. Our research highlights specific roles, from Data Analysts who thrive on detail and analysis to Graphic Designers who bring creativity to life.

"When considering a new career, it's important to assess job availability, how well the role aligns with your personal interests and strengths, potential for growth, and the work-life balance it offers. Keeping up with new skills in your field will also help you stay competitive."